Ft. Drum Watertown New York

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Can anyone give me any information on this base, what it's like, weather, employment - yadda yadda yadda......

Looks like we'll be relocating there.
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I was stationed at Griffiss AFB - Couple hours south in Rome, about 12 years ago - Still have some familiy in the state. I understand the base itself is relatively nice. HUGE amounts of lake effect snow in the winter. Expect a soft job market and sales taxes may be on the high side. Summers are wonderful, you're at the front door of the Adirondack Mountains, one of the most beautiful places on Earth!! Fishing and hunting opportunities abound.

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I ws there in the late 80s when the 10th mountain division was 1st activated. Then it pretty much sucked. But the DOD was converting it from a NG camp to a full time army post. All of the housing by the time I left was brand new. Keep in mind though, it has been 20 years. Countless families have been through there since then. So if you've been around the military for a while, you know what to expect.

The DOD activated the post in that area to boost the poor economy. I'm not sure how much it has changed. But it was CRAP back then.

The winters are downright miserable. With ambient temperatures well below zero everyday. Think 30-40 below on the coldest days (that's not wind chill). And more snow fall than you can imagine.

There are some nice areas close by to hang out at in the warmer months. But the closest DZ is probably a couple hundred miles away.
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Closest DZ is right at 120 miles and the closest 5 are all 182's. Parachute Montréal Skydiving and The Blue Sky Ranch are the closest Turbines at around 3 hour drives.

Vermont Skydiving Adventures, Inc. Addison, Vermont 112.52 miles Directions
Finger Lakes Skydivers Trumansburg, NY, New York 114.72 miles Directions
Mohawk Valley Skydiving Scotia, New York 116.32 miles Directions
Duanesburg Skydiving Club Duanesburg, New York 118.62 miles Directions
Malone Parachute Club Swanton, VT, Vermont 139.48 miles Directions
Parachute Montréal Skydiving Saint-Esprit, Quebec 159.34 miles Directions
Frontier Skydivers Newfane, New York 165.57 miles Directions
Voltige 2001 Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes(Joliette), Quebec 176.47 miles Directions
Endless Mountain Skydiving Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania 177.76 miles Directions
Blue Sky Ranch Gardiner, New York 183.18 miles Directions
Parachute School of Toronto Limited Baldwin, Ontario 184.33 miles Directions
Freefall Oz Skydiving Center Shinglehouse (Ceres, NY), Pennsylvania 195.27 miles Directions
Jumptown Orange, MA, Massachusetts 197.13 miles Directions
Skydive Toronto Inc. Cookstown, Ontario 199.16 miles Directions
Skydive Sussex NJ Sussex, New Jersey 206.12 miles Directions
Sky's The Limit Northeast Skydiving Center East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 212.55 miles Directions
Parachutisme Adrénaline Trois-Rivières Trois-Rivières, Quebec 214.83 miles Directions
Above the Poconos Skydivers Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania 215.35 miles Directions
Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. Ellington, Connecticut 217.72 miles Directions
Pepperell Skydiving Center Pepperell, Massachusetts 224.80 miles Directions
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Thanx all for the info!!!!

Stupid question as I've never lived in winter waether that I'm about to encounter - YIKES! We're possible looking at buying since we'll be there 3 years - all the houses that we're finding available (which we can't locate hardly anything for rent) are really really old houses. With these winters - are there things that have to replaced on a house often, every summer, etc?
~Porn Kitty
WARNING: Goldschlager causes extreme emotional outbursts!

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