Stupid insurance form questions about skydiving

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This is an old topic I suppose, but there are still insurance forms around that ask the most inane questions about skydiving, based on understanding of the sport from something like 1960.

A financial advisor and I recently filled one out. Some questions were reasonable, about licence level, when I got licenced, and how many jumps per year. Other questions got weird.

Did I participate in delayed openings?

Yes, most of us don't just do hop and pops. Amazingly, some airshow jumpers figured out how to fall stable in the 1930's, and in something like 1958 the word was being spread around North America about French stable freefall techniques. So I don't have to do any of those 'dangerous' freefall jumps where one counts to 3, hand on ripcord, as the world spins by blue/green/blue/green.

Did I perform baton passes, stunts, or aerobatics?

Aerobatics? While not quite clear what that is, I had to say yes, that's a part of normal skydiving. Everyone does it from the time they do their first back loop.

Baton passes? This isn't 1960. But in my case, yes, I did baton passes in balloon suits, using round canopies, just two years ago.:$

Do I belong to a club?
I just answered yes, instead of trying to explain that there are few clubs, but there are national sporting organizations and organized DZ's these days.

Where did I jump, and over what terrain?
Do they rate people differently if you jump in the Alps, or subdivisions are encroaching on the airport?

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What dot he Hells Angels, Vagos, or Outlaws have to do with Skydiving?

SWOOP == South Western Ontario Organization of Parachutists

Skydive SWOOP

There are still some DZ's organized as clubs left around.
"It's hard to have fun at 4-way unless your whole team gets down to the ground safely to do it again!"--Northern California Skydiving League re USPA Safety Day, March 8, 2014

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