Stupid mistake biting me in the ass....

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That was my birthday!

Except I was deployed, so glad to see you got drunk on my behalf.

ETA: Am I the only one that thought of a gerbil gone mad when they saw this thread title and name of poster?
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Illegal consumption by a minor. Wow. I'm suprised they didn't put you in front of a firing squad. Seriously though, that sucks. I was picked from 45 applicants for a job a couple yrs ago. I was completly honest with them from the very first interview about a 13 year old DUI and was told it would not be a problem. I had not had so much as a parking ticket since. The day before I was to start training I get a call telling me that their HR dept. informed them that they could never hire anybody for the position that had ever had a DUI. In the job description it said no moving violations or DUI's within the last 3 years. When I mentioned that I was told that would be changed in the description immediatly. 13 fucking yrs. I learned my lesson, but that shit follows you forever.

I may be getting old but I got to see all the cool bands.

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From one HR web site

"Asking about a candidate’s arrest record is expressly prohibited under many state laws and can expose you to claims of disparate impact based on race. However, convictions may be asked about if relevant to the job."

From another

Avoid The number and kinds of arrest of an applicant

Acceptable Convictions that bear a relationship to the job and have not
been expunged or sealed by a court

As above you NEED to pay attention to the question. IF they ask arrest answer yes. I don't think they will or should. IF they ask convection answer no, if true. NEVER lie.

You saying no to arrest with this internet record available would lose you the job if I were interviewing. But I was trained when I was interviewing in a past life not to ask that question. HR took care of asking about convictions.

Story about how youth can bite you in the ass. Had a college dorm mate (it isn't me) who had three juvenile felony convictions. One was bombing a lake cottage. Like a lot of us he played around with black powder, ended up making a pipe bomb, and wanted something big between him and it. Blew the side out of a cottage. And in a small town had bought a 1' length of threaded pipe and two endcaps at the hardware store.:S

#2, Driving and pulled over with some friends. One had weed. My friend convicted of drug paraphernalia, A FRISBEE, in the car. If you don't know good for sorting out seed in the old days.

#3. Breaking and entering at a construction site when he and friends were just hanging out.

All juvenile so he got away with not screwing up his life. In CA as an adult it would be life.:o And just so you know this guy wasn't a loser he was the only freshman that brought a vacuum cleaner to college, and USED it EVERY week.

I'm old for my age.
Terry Urban

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