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  1. it makes me sick to think that people would skydive while pregnant... hard openings are similar to small car crashes and happen WAY more often. Yeah i love skydiving but get your sh** together people. Skydiving while pregnant makes skydivers look AWFUL. jfc I can't believe this... smgdh
  2. Assuming EVERYTHING is constant except for air temperature, you will fall faster in hot air and slower in cold air because the drag force will decrease with a decrease in air density, and air density will decrease with a decrease in air temperature. Force of drag = 0.5 X density of fluid (in this case air) X velocity^2 X Cd (drag coefficient) X A (reference area) Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drag_(physics) http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/air-properties-d_156.html
  3. U mad because you're 1)poor 2)fat Both things that you could change but instead complain to the bonfire. sad life brah I for one love the underwear. This might be because I'm a well educated man with a top tier income and have the body percent fat of a greek god. Having said that I still will not buy them however, because I have found out that hot bishes prefer when I have as little clothing to take off as possible. This especially helps when in a time crunch situation like when husbands or boyfriends are on their way home. But w/e to each their own.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY39fkmqKBM
  5. http://cdn2.mixrmedia.com/wp-uploads/girlybubble/blog/2011/07/troll-face.png
  6. doesn't matter where i know that I'd like to take you out for a nice lobster dinner, then take you home to my candle lit jacuzzi topped with rose petals and give you a massage while listening to Rod Stewarts "Have I told you lately". After that I would I would take you downstairs and make creme brulee for you and let you lick it off my washboard 6 pack, then make sweet love to you on my kitchen counter till i could feel the heat of the morning sun on my back as i had you bent over. Then we would retreat to my california king egyptian cotton 1500 thread count bed and recover with a morning nap before we have brunch and lounge by the pool. After that we would head to the dz for a sunset dive and track into the sun together
  7. not trolling. srs thread is srs what I'm trying to say is that i need to lift heavy sh!+ while taking da cell tech so that the bishes at the dz be mirin' my gains, and i'm in my last year of schooling for my ME so they def be mirin my brain gains as well. for are you jelly brahs out there askin which dz i'm at... sry i'm not going to share this crop with you. umad?
  8. So I'm pretty new to the sport. I have about 20 jumps now and every time I'm out at the dz there are at least three 10/10s working and another 2 or 3 there doing tandems. is this normal? i'm thinking i gotta get on dat der cell tech and bulk up before i go back out. oh yeah and most of the guys at the dz are like 3-5s, srs... so this helps my odds. one heavenly blessed beauty was so breathtaking i would dive head first into a pool of aids infested needles then cover myself in salt if i just had a 1 in 10 chance to smell the butt of the jumpsuit she last farted in.