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  1. Given my experience, I want to rate this DZ a 0. However, I want to be completely objective in my review. 2 stars is an honest rating. The Good: The aircraft is fast and the tandem masters/camera flyers are very good. Of course there are many other DZs in northern California with the same attributes. The Bad: The DZ claims to accept experienced/fun jumpers, and technically they do. In reality THEY DO NOT. Let me be absolutely clear on this, if you are a licensed skydiver, this dz will not treat you well and doesn't want you there. In fact, this review will probably help them because it will keep fun jumpers away (which is what they want). I took my friend down to a tandem jump because of the high altitude, nice scenery and I got comped a jump ticket. His jump went well and he enjoyed it. I was 1 of 3 fun jumpers there all day on a Saturday. None of us were able to get on a load, even though we were manifested. As I was walking to the plane I was pulled from the line and told I couldn't board because of weight issues. This also happened to the one other fun jumper who actually volunteers at the DZ. Apparently our weight cost too much in gas (I'm 165lbs). My friend, who was on the plane, overheard the tandem instructors mocking me for coming to a "tandem only DZ" and that I "should know better". Awesome. I was offered an IOU to come back and jump again, instead of a refund. Of course I'm not going to do this since I'll never get up on a load. I asked for a real refund (very nicely) and was refused. Then I offered to return the hoodie that I had bought a few hours ago to at least recoup some money. Nope. I was told I wore it and "excreted fluids into it" so it was not returnable. Skydive Monterey Bay HATES fun jumpers and it shows. Why they even promote the DZ as a place where experienced jumpers are welcomed is a complete mystery. This DZ is an adequate tandem factory and nothing more. If you want to do a tandem skydive, this place is OK, but I wouldn't give them a single dime. The have no interest in customer service because they get more tandem jumpers than they can even handle as it is.
  2. I started skydiving almost one year ago and got licensed at Skydive Delmarva (another fantastic DZ). Delmarva is 2.5 hours from where I live and I had no idea Maytown Sport Parachute Club (MSPC) existed until I looked on drop zone.com. MSPC is 60 minutes away. I had no idea what I was in for... Skydiving changed my life and the people at MSPC changed my life again. I have amazing new friends now and learn from World Champions. I feel so lucky and honored to be a part of the club. New jumpers will be shocked to learn that coaches teach for free and don't accept tips because this isn't a commercial establishment, it's truly a club, just a bunch of skydivers all having fun. Once you start jumping here, you'll become part of the family. Once the beer light is on you'll be downing Red Stripe with your jump pilot, the club president, a few world champions and among the most well known riggers in the country. You owe it to yourself to check out Maytown.
  3. I've only been in the sport since June, but I had 2 tandems, both on Dual Hawks, before committing to AFF. I bought a Quasar II which I both love and evangelize to everyone who asks. I now have my A license and have no intentions of ever giving up my container. It's such a solid piece of work. While I may not be qualified to speak on Mr. Strong's untimely death, I can say...WITHOUT A DOUBT...his innovations introduced me, and kept me in the sport. BS Ted. I wish I had the honor of knowing you personally.
  4. Whoa, I did this too on my jump #12 (last weekend). I went from a student rig to rental gear. A PD-210 with a .9 WL. I was playing with the canopy; practicing stalls and recovery, 360 rotation for A license, etc. Being new and not having nearly enough respect for canopy control, I buried the left toggle FAST with the intention of doing an aggressive turn to get a feel for it. Instead, I whipped around a couple of times and when I looked up the lines were twisted. 2000ft. I remembered the training and kicked LIKE A MOFO to unwind them, which, thank heavens, worked. I absolutely did not want to cutaway that low, and on my 12th jump no less. Here's what I learned: 1- I was a freaking idiot without enough respect for canopy control 2- It's way too soon in my jumping days to be fooling with aggressive maneuvers 3- SLOW is FAST 4- Under no circumstances will I be making "fun" maneuvers under 2500 feet until I have the skills to do it. I don't recall being very scared (reference the point about me being an idiot), but mostly because I went into full-on "robot mode" and did exactly what I was taught to do. Had I panicked, I would have chopped, which would have been the wrong thing to do and unnecessary. I feel like I learned a hell of a lot from that jump. I'm angry with myself for not having more caution, but I walked away from it and am much better/safer for having gone through it.
  5. I'm a low jump novice...still working on my A license, so I'm not in a position to question anyone. I've had bad things happen (not as bad as that video) in life that were 1 in a million shots, sometimes we all get really, really unlucky. BUT I'm having a hard time understanding what happened here. I guess he wanted to land near his buddies. It looks like he was straight-up aiming for the trailer. When I first saw the video I thought maybe he was a beginner, like me, and got fixated on the object thereby flying into it. Seems that's not the case. Super sucks that he is losing his arm, that's a BFD. I guess you can't jump with one arm. What a bad day for that poor guy. There was just NOTHING around to hit except that trailer. Very difficult to understand this one. Just trying to show off for his mates?
  6. Congrats on your license. I'm working on mine, 13 jumps into it and love every moment. Took about 2 months to get through AFF due to weather issues and I had to repeat Cat C. But I'm so glad I don't have an instructor judging me anymore, THAT made me nervous. It's strange because I don't get scared at all at altitude, I get really happy. Especially before exit. But when I sit down at home and think about what I'm doing, I get kinda scared. That's backwards I think. I just bought a used rig with a 190 Spectre that is loaded 1:1. I really want to jump it Sunday but that might not be the best decision since I only have 13 jumps and only stood up one of them on a 210. Good luck with your new journey Thegull. Blue Skies.
  7. I've been to other drop zones for tandems and my first jump course, but chose Skydive Delmarva to complete my AFF because of the incredibly awesome people and atmosphere. This is THE spot if you live in the Baltimore/DC or surrounding areas. The instructors are incredible, the packing hangar is comfortable with plenty of places to crash and you'll feel right at home from Day 1. Dave, the DZO is friendly and professional. He always sounds happy to hear from you. "Shazam" in manifest is on the ball for every load. And to validate a previous post, "YES" Delmarva has the hottest packers I've ever seen. I mean, I guess that's not a good reason to come back...but it is a fact. Nearly a 3 hour drive and it's my home away from home! -Love you guys!- Cue Ball
  8. I was kinda thinking the same thing. I'm 5'4 but pretend I'm 5'5 (and we all know that 1 inch makes a huge difference). My best friend who jumps with me is 6'4. He's a FOOT taller than I am, it is really strange. I have the fastest fall rate at my DZ (skydive delmarva) because of my height and bulk (stocky build). I am in the process of buying a rig that was custom built for a female because nothing else really fits me well. OP: I was reading about your AFF class. Props for keeping it up. It seems to me my 6'4 friend has an easier time flaring because his arms are so much longer and he can just pull those toggles waaaaaaay down.