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  1. prcastro

    Kapowsin Air Sports

    Phenominal staff. Can't say enough about the professionalism and competence these people possess. Geoff, Jessie, Keri, Andy, Carina, Jeff, Luke, Bryan, Dave Kaiser, JT (and anyone else I missed that makes a cameo appearance on occassion to help out) are definitely at the top tier of the skydiving industry. Jessie runs a tight ship, no doubt about it. She may come off as a bit brash and abraisive to some that don't know what she's about, but that's why she's the Northwest Regional Director, and safety is certainly her top priority. God love her for that. They've been running their operation out of Shelton for a while now at Sanderson field and the new hangar is definitely the "duck's nuts" (that's a good thing). I've seen these guys execute numerous tandems with stellar performance. Everyone comes down with a smile on their faces and many of them have come back for more. I like to go out there on occasion even if I'm not jumping that day, just to park on the sidelines and watch the festivities (Andy and Luke do some of SICKEST swoops imaginable on those XAOS-27 "pillow cases" they call canopies). Being a Florida native, I'm used to having decent jumping weather most of the year round, but for those that aren't familiar with this part of the country and plan on coming up this way, my suggestion is to gear your skydiving vacation in the summer months. You will be privy to some of the most beautiful weather you've ever seen in your life, not to mention an incredible view of Mt. Rainier at 14 grand. Nothing but MAD LOVE for crew out at Kapowsin Air Sports!
  2. prcastro

    Skydive Sebastian

    Absolutely the most incredible scenery you will probably ever see while jumping, unless you're just not into the beach and the ocean. Most of the people have a rather pleasing disposition, but if you're a low-time freeflyer, you can forget about getting invited on anything organized. You tend to feel very much like an outsider, unless you're in their clique, which is a real shame. None of the experienced freeflyers there are really willing to take the time and jump with an out-of-towner and teach you something, so if your freefly skills are up to speed, I guess this place is for you. Bottom line, have a couple of thousand jumps under your belt before expecting to feel comfortable there.