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  1. WOW! You guys really have nothing better to do with your time, huh. I jumped at this dz this past weekend. I will tell you it was an amazing breath of fresh air! As you may not like the sense of humor, this drop zone and the staff it has, create an amazing atmosphere! Outlaw crew, I thank you for such a great weekend!!!!! Spence, Jumpdude... quit hating and find something to do with your time!
  2. When: Wednesday May 20 through Sunday 24, 2009 Where: Atlanta Skydive Center in Cedartown, GA. This is going to be five great days of skydiving and socializing! This event is designed to further promote women in skydiving. This is the perfect time to get your mom out for a tandem or get your sister that did a tandem started on the road to an "A" license. Female jumpers of all levels will find something for them. "What is the Pink Mafia?" "It is an exciting organization started by female jumpers from Gold Coast Skydivers, on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Moss Point, MS. It was founded by a small band of freefly chicks (Brooke, Alli, Julie & Mel) that bonded with other female jumpers of all disciplines, to form an unstoppable support group amongst the male-dominated sport. In times of need, this group is behind each member to provide strength and support to further their skydiving career. The Pink Mafia wants to expand their support and start satellite groups nationwide." to date there are more than 600 PMS sisters. We will be flying the Super Otter every day, adding a King Air as volume picks up. If attendance warrants it, we'll bring a CASA in. There will be discounted rooms at a nearby hotel with shuttle service. there are RV electrical hookups on site. We will have Pink Mafia Sisters organizing Freefly and Belly jumps all five days. Free A license coaching for women, as well as Belly and Freefly skills camps. A Swoop Comp on Saturday is in the works. Canopy Coaching with Jessica Edgeington all week. $149 Tandems for ladies. Free First Jump Course for women on Thursday night. AFF Pre-Course and Course with Kip Lohmiller (Junior Ludvik will be doing a coach course the month before). Pink Mafia Initiations every day. Catered Dinners Friday Night-Bonfire, live band Saturday Night-Slumber Party, DJ Julio from Liquid Sky will be here, as well as several other manufacturers, more info after PIA symposium.
  3. Wow! For a newbie boy that did his AFF at my home dropzone, ASC, you certainly have alot of incorrect facts about my dropzone. By the way, this is Katie... one of the staff members who you claim can't get a job anywhere else. For the correct info, Kate moved to Texas to work. The rest of us enjoy our positons here at ASC, despite numerous offers from other dz's for work, and Thank you MO, for doing the majority of your jumps here at ASC! For a man who knows little about the sport since you've been gone the majority of your time in it, get your facts straight next time.
  4. For the last 2 years we have done a tracking dive in memory of my love, Nate Gilbert. This year I would like to do the same. This year the nation wide tracking dive will be on July 8th, at sunset. Please, in memory of my love and everyone else we have lost, organize a tracking dive for that evening! They are not forgotten and never will be! Thanks everyone! It means so much to me! Be safe and have fun!!!! Katie
  5. Umm...Sony Corperate, where my camera was sent to from Ritz camera, said that they are now discontinued and their PC1000 is the next model, which isn't good for flying video, when it's your job. That's why I say that. However, if you know of any Ritz cameras from East coast to west coast, with a PC9 of PC105, I would greatly appreciate knowing about it. I sat down with the guy I deal with a Ritz today, and we could not find a single one. I'm stumped...
  6. This is the thing. Wolf camera has kept my PC9 for so long repairing it, that they now say they are just going to replace it. However PC9 and PC105's no longer exist. The question is what is a good camera to relace it with. All PC's are no longer and the PC1000 is not good for when you are doing 20min calls for video. Any suggestions on what next to get? Thanks, Katie
  7. Thank you all for coming and being apart of an awsome week! A special thanks go's out to the MI crew! I could not have done it without you guys!!! We did some great skydiving and of course great partying! Thanks everyone! Katie
  8. Everyone, thank you so much for your efforts this weekend concerning the tracking dives! ASC got our tracking dive up right before a crazy storm took over! The sky was full of energy to say the least!! Ian and I led with him on his back and me on my belly, side by side. We tracked through beautiful clouds and changing skies! After everyone landed, the sky turned to darkness and the winds grounded us for a great evening of partying! Thank you all on my tracking dive for making the effort to honor my beautiful angel, Nate and everyone else! Katie
  9. Everyone sitting at their desks today and that will be jumping this weekend, please organize a sunset tracking dive in memory of all of our friends that we have lost. It is the year anniversary of my beautiful angel's death. ASC will be tracking in memory of him on July 9th, sunset load, and everyone else we miss! Thanks everyone! Be safe! Katie
  10. This tracking dive is for my beautiful angel and all the angels that have joined him this year. my heart go's out to the Cross keys crew for their recent loss and all the fucked up incidents from this past weekend. God bless. JULY 9TH AT SUNSET/PRAYER AND HONORS!!!
  11. Thanks so much! We owe honor to so many great flyers! Katie
  12. Oh of course! Please do it! That would be wonderful! Please organize that at your home dz in honor of Nate and everyone we love and miss! Thank you! Katie
  13. Last 4th of July, the love of my life told me I would be his wife. I already knew that though, since our rings were being made. We stood in the door on a balcony over looking Wildwood beach with all of our closest friends around. The week had been amazing! the fireworks began to light up the sky. His arms were wrapped tightly around my waist and his soft kisses covered my neck and shoulders. "I love you princess", he wispered in my ear. I melted into him like I always did when he spoke to me. The love of my life, always and forever Nathan Gilbert. July 9th I'm requesting a nation wide tracking dive again. We did this last year in honor of him, but this year it will be in honor of all that we have lost. Chris Martin, Dr. Kenny, Gus, Brian Mcguigan, Paul Rafferty...unfortunately there are more. Saturday evening on sunset load, please say a prayer in memory of our friends that have moved on and their families. Thank you all for everything this last year! Katie
  14. I'm so excited to see the MI crew! We'll be putting together some great skydives...obviously! Happy fourth to everyone and I'll see you soon! Katie
  15. Nope! No registration fee and it will not cost extra to go to 14,500ft.! It will be a great weekend for the girls to get some great learning and practice in! saturday night, we will be having a dinner and of course, a party here! Hope to see you!! Katie