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  1. Yes. It works. Source: I jump a sabre1 120 in my WS rig. No slider pocket mod needed, smooth but positive and on heading openings. Just ignore me.
  2. There are some (tandem) canopies that require stowing a bight of excess brake line above the slider on rubber bands attached to the inside rear suspension lines. If your fear is a lineover, consider that when a certain video of intentionally packed malfunctions was being produced, they had an incredibly difficult time trying to force a lineover malfunction because they clear themselves pretty much always. They wound up actually sewing the brake line to the nose to achieve the mal for the video. As a packer for several seasons, I had exactly one customer come to me with a band on their slider asking me to stow brake line on it. It was a Sabre1. I didn’t argue, but I also jump one and take other steps to ensure a soft opening...I don’t feel like adding complexity to a system makes it any safer or less prone to malfunction. Slider down/off BASE is a different environment than skydiving. Just ignore me.
  3. BAS does not operate a SkyVan. I would be on time for work today if that were the case. Just ignore me.
  4. Keen 'n Able Superterminal Just ignore me.