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  1. Thank you for your reply. I will do that. I am familiar with his dropzone as I jumped there myself a LONG time ago.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Kris. My longtime companion passed away this past October. He was an avid skydiver for many years. He was meticulous about his gear, including his rig and canopy. I need to sell his canopy and rig. The canopy is a Stiletto 135 and the rig is a Javelin J2 (c17). I don't know where to begin to sell the equipment. If someone could give me some suggestions about what I should charge for the equipment, I would be grateful. I don't wish to make alot of money, I only want it to go to a good home. Thank you for your help.
  3. Okay, so I attempted AFF twice. I REALLY want to get my license. I love the rush and love flying a canopy. So here are the problems: 1) I get door anxiety and 2) I become so fixated on performing the requisite tasks in the dive flow, I don't relax. On my last attempt, I was cleared to Cat E, but it took me 10 jumps to get that far. Wrt the door anxiety issue, I'm okay for the first part of the ride up, but when the door opens and the fun jumpers begin to exit, my heart starts to race. The tension is palpable and as much as I want to do the jump sometimes I wonder if I will panic enough to want to ride the plane down. Every time I managed to overcome my fear and step out but I wonder how much impact that has on my ability to relax in free fall. To be honest, I'm not scared once in free fall, I have always had good altitude awareness and pulled on time--but I get so fixated that I will not be able to perform the tasks. On a few of my jumps, I did well, but others had to be repeated. So I guess my question to all of you is whether this is normal and if I should take up another sport. For the record, I do pretty well under canopy.
  4. My Neptune's clock suffices for that. Simply note the time the previous group leaves and add the required delay. And, NO, I don't stare at it for the entire time. Every responsible skydiver knows that time is better dedicated to giving a few last minute winks at the cute tandem students.
  5. Because it 'grounds you'. Seriously though-it provides perspective. Life can be so unmanageable. And then you get up to 13.5 and nothing else matters accept you, the planet, and a safe reintroduction.
  6. Zombie Farm, baby! Put 'em to work for you!
  7. Hey: I just wanna say thanks for all the support and great suggestions. You guys on this board are terrrific. Will continue to seek advice and support!
  8. I'm in the beginning stages of my AFF progression. Last weekend I failed a level because I started spinning in free fall--wasn't relaxed. Ugh! I'm a total type A, sort of intense chick, who really thinks she could LOVE this sport, but I'm worried that my personality precludes the necessary "chill" kind of attitude that makes a good skydiver. Love to hear from others (if you're out there) who might have had some trouble with the relaxation thing. Once under canopy, I'm great! Great piloting, great landings, totally relaxed. And, it's not an issue of being afraid. Even though I'm cognizant of the fact that I'm falling toward the planet at 120 mph, I know I can always pull and I'm confident. What vexes me is the strong desire to get it all 'right' in freefall, which virtually guarantees that I will get it all wrong. Any suggestions for relaxation techniques will be very much appreciated.
  9. I feel your pain. I'm in the beginning stages of my AFF progression. I did two jumps on Sunday. The first one was nearly text book--two jump masters--great exit, totally stable in free fall when they let go of me, deployed on time, great landing. Second jump--not so great. I had one jumpmaster. In free fall I began spinning. I knew I should arch, but my biggest mistake was in not relaxing, that's why I started spinning in the first place. I never got out of the spin, but did deploy on time. Failed the jump and now I have to repeat. Tunnel time is not an option for me, so I will get back in the plane and try to do better. I am falling more in love with skydiving every time I go to the DZ and am determined to get my license. I won't lie though-I am stressed about failing another jump. Feels like two steps forward, one back. Hang in there and good luck!
  10. Let me verify said rumor. I was a long wait-winds too high for most of the day, but I hung in there. And it was worth the wait. Despite a minor setback on my second Catagory C jump, I'm now a little further along the way toward my license! Hoping for blue skies and light winds the weekend of the 16th.
  11. Actually...can't wait to start swooping. I'll need a patient, seasoned instructor though. Any takers?
  12. I live in VA. Have three jumps so far and determined to get my A license by July 4th. A friend talked me into my first jump. I was a bit apprehensive at first. Didn't think I fit the profile. I'm a suburban female. Not in my 20s anymore, and decidedly conservative in lifestyle, but honestly, I was hooked the first time I stepped out of the plane! Since I'm a novice, I'll lurk for a while and soak up the wisdom on this board.
  13. I'm officially out! Wicked psyched about it too! Can't wait to jump this weekend.