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  1. Quote

    "There are rigs in the field which will deploy their reserve as fast as a MARD without the complexity of a MARD and I am not talking about just my rig."

    Care to elaborate on this? As a newbie rigger I’m obviously missing something…
    I have watched your videos and I find no proof for such a statement (video currently unavailable, jumpshack.com is giving me some error).

    If I remember correctly. I see a complete reserve deployment in just about the same time as a skyhook assisted reserve deployment following a cutaway (approximately 2 seconds).

    So far so good, but…

    Test jumper is pulling both handles at the same time. I use the two hands on each handle technique and would not be able beet any RSL or MARD for that reason alone.

    It takes the freebag 1.5 seconds to reach line stretch. The same as just about every other container on the marked that I know of (I’m a newbie rigger and I haven’t seen a whole of different rigs).
    The skyhook accomplish the same in 0.5 seconds. How is this not faster?

    The reserve inflation in your video is about 0.5 seconds. Every other reserve inflation I have seen on tape is about 1.5 seconds. (again, I’m a newbie rigger and I haven’t seen a whole lot of them either).
    I can’t help but wonder if the reserve inflation in your video could be lethal if deployed at terminal velocity?
    The way I see it, the Racer is no faster than any other container. The reserve in your video however is a lot faster. How can any container speed up a reserve inflation?

    Waiting for JohnSherman's response to this.

  2. The fact of the matter is the answer is a combonation of things that need to happen.

    2. Education
    3. Mentoring
    4. Peer policing/reccomendations for canopy changes/styles of flying. (and not some bullshit "yup, hes fine," It shoudl be an aggreement between more than one "peer" who truly give a shit to do the right thing.)

    This could come from some governing body, like the USPA, but more than likely it could start at the DZO level. Yes you will get a few idiots that will throw their hands up in the air, say its not fair, and threaten to go give their business elsewhere, but the normal SANE individuals will take this in a caring way.

    But there is also the plain old fact: Some people are too stupid, too cocky or just don't get it and never will. And for these people, the best thing you can do unfortunately (after speaking with them about the risks 1,000,000 times) is just stay out of their way, warn people about them, and let nature take its course.

  3. Quote

    It only took 30 minutes to change a speedwing or paraglider to a skydive canopy. Take a look at this picture. PM me if you any questions.


    really.......?? a baby?? Tell me you're standing on the ground. I mean come the hell on, DHS would have a field day with that one.

  4. Quote

    >hit me up for his adress!

    Sure, send me his address, and I'll send him off $$ as soon as you tell me you're upsizing. If you won't do it for yourself, maybe you'll do it for him?

    Bill, awefully nice offer there. This guy is too proud to in any way admit he has been or is wrong. He would rather risk joining Sangi (or worse) rather than be a grownup and count his blessings now and smarten up.

    Don't waste your resources on him, he's a joke.

  5. Quote

    At that altitude? Get more fabric over my head. (And I voted "other" in your poll because though I'm saying I'd pull the reserve, a canopy transfer is not a given).

    Yes I meant to put "pull reserve, deal with 2 out potential" but I couldnt edit the poll, sorry bout that.

  6. You find yourself after unbeknownst to you, you were knocked unconcious and are under a damaged/malfuctioning main at 800'. (pick an option, ripped topskin, lineover, broken lines, slow spinner, something that causes it not to be fully controllable, but not a streamer) I know its vague and depends on the mal/damage, but still, what do you do?