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  1. I am not being funny...I really think this must be a joke/troll attempt.

    Until I see video...I don't believe any of this. And how does nobody from one of the "busiest DZ's in the world" not know who you are, or comment on any of this?

    Sorry, this is a bunch of BS.

  2. airtwardo


    I'll take an increase in odds in my favor any day.

    ...I adjust my opening altitude & hard-deck accordingly.

    well what if that is blown because of some unforseen circumstance? Do you think you would take an RSL at that point? Besides CRW, Camera etc. To not wear an RSL becuase of the super remote chance that it causes more problems is crazy in my humble internet opinion.

    Let's ask this question: Do you think it is more likely that you would have an RSL induced mal/problem or find yourself somehow/someway lower than your "adjusted" pull alt.? I think the answer is fairly obvious...

  3. Quote


    Its videos like this that make you hope that they they "just" break a leg when they learn their lesson. I hope they don't kill themselves or others.

    If he flew like that while I was in the air, I'd break his fucking legs!

    You have no right to be saying anything...what were you flying at sub 300's again??? Please remind us....

  4. Quote

    Oh Shit.

    I was just kidding. Please dont start a movement against me for wanting to start USPA unions. lmao I have enough going on.

    I am in the cold powerless house of mine just bored. But laughing how you have to watch whatever you say.

    Pretty cool how you have internet with no power :P

  5. Quote

    Yep. ... No one over 190 lbs... No exceptions ... they have to demonstrate there ability to lift legs .. If not .. There out ... If they dont look right there out ... No stand up landings ... All are slid in on there butt ... No exceptions ... And No one over 50

    Wow, how many people show up and are turned away?

    no one over 190? Why is that? and no one over 50? Really? Why?

  6. Quote



    No I do not, and it is not relevant.

    Since when is accurate and verifiable data not relevant?

    Very often. Accurate and verifiable data on, for example, the Higgs Boson is not relevant to my choice of meat at the grocery store.

    So if you hear your meat could potentially have mad cow desease, you don't care about the source or accuracy? Or does it become relevant then?

    You don't want to VERIFY the source of tailstrikes? Seems a little absurd to not want accurate data when that data is what is being used to create the issue at hand no?

  7. I just don't get how having an instructor rating, flight courses, wigsuit rating, etc. is going to keep people from hitting the tail of an aircraft?

    Ok, chances are if you are jumping a wingsuit, you know you are supposed to keep your wings closed until clear. Just like we know we are supposed to pull at a decided altitude, wave off, clear air space, not hook into the ground at 50 feet, etc., etc., etc.

    Its a risk, just like ALL of this sport is, if you don't take the risks seriously and PAY ATTENTION, hell maybe even use a little common sense, then you are going to get hurt or killed one way or the other.

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    You could do it yourself , but why bother , you will need a rigger to repack it anyway.

    Does your rigger charge for this service? He (or she) should. Removing a Vigil or Cypres is something you can do for yourself, and you are asking someone else to do it for you.


    Yeah, but what about packing the reserver after?

  9. Quote

    And the two you know your talking to one of the people who has done a lot test jumping a great deal of the stuff and has conducted many drop tests, right.

    Didn't know that, pretty cool.

    But what does that have to do with it?