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    I have spent a decent amount in Lodi and I still havn't seen Tandem Equipment that was nicer. All the rigs are practically new (Less than a season or two,)

    Good equipment is only worth a shit when its used properly. I mean seriously, what the hell does the quality of the equipment have to do with this?

    If I was a DZO, number 1 an un-rated TI wouldn't be working for me.

    Besides that, you think this is the first harness mistake this moron has made? If the DZO hasnt noticed, or he chose to ignore it, either way he has no place running a DZ. period end of conversation.

  2. Is there any way in hell this TI will work again? I mean seriously WTF. Nothing like making the sport look like horrible.

    The TI looks very shaken at the end, as he should, I just wonder how many other students have jumped with this guy and a loose harness[:/]

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    Seen the same thing happen, but too low for a reserve deployment. The main disappeared at about 200 feet, and luckily they held on and landed together under one canopy in a shower of grass and dust, but got up, dusted themselves off, and headed for a bar for a couple of stiff whisky's.

    when was this? Thats a pretty crazy story.

  4. Does it annoy anyone else that this guy won't just come out and say what he thinks?

    Seriously "dude," post what you mean to say or STFU about it. It is VERY clear you have something against a certain DZ, owner, opperation. Yet you try to make your idiotic post seem unbiased.

    If you have some FACTS to share, share them, if not take it to the bonfire.

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    Yea bitching because they live under the approach for the runway. Nice little video to bitch about an otter landing, just think if it had been taking off how much she would have been bitching.

    Sorry but Ms. Kimberly Gibbs is a moron!

    I just checked out her channel, how does she have 4 takes on the "twin otter noise assault" ALL at 8:30 a.m. that is a REALLY fast plane if thats the case.

    Seriously, this woman desperately needs to focus her attention on something else, she sure has a lot of energy and time, why not put it to good use?

  6. I got this private message from a user who will remain nameless ;).

    I got a kick out of it, maybe you will too.

    "This lady is not trying to "shut them down" She just wants them to find an isolated place to drop skydivers...a place that is not next to residential area. Good grief! There are thousands of acres of open space in Colorado. This is a no-brainer.

    I've watched this lady in action a number of times. She is very out-spoken and influential, and has many well-connected friends."

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    Hey! I know Kim Gibbs, and I resent these negative comments. She is a very smart, highly professional lady who cares deeply about her community, and the quality of life that is being impacted by these noisy, obnoxious airplanes. She has a lot more support than is apparent on this blog. Trust me. You have a formidable adversary!

    Explain this to me please. How does a "very smart" woman BUY A HOUSE near an airport, then proceed to cry about noise?

    If you ask me, quite frankly, that seems very dumb.

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    Word is that a plea was made since he had convinced victims to write letters on his behalf to the judge and now the case is suspended until his probation is over in a few years and then all charges will be dismissed with no further penalty.

    Wow is all I can say to that.

    I wonder how people are treating him....I'm all about second chances but he's very lucky nobody died or got seriously hurt.

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    Total: $3000-$3100 - rig listed for $4300. Am I missing something? Do I calculate something wrong? please don't affraid to educate my noob a$$ :D

    Email an offer. The size of the equipment is also a factor, if canopy sizes are hard to come by used, the value can stay higher.