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    Seems like quite a few reserve rides for 300 jumps.

    If you felt that was a PA you need to toughen up cupcake. From your choice of canopies all I can say is good luck.


    Do you know you can demo reserves now-a-days? yeah, in fact sometimes the manufactures come to your DZ and set up a tent an everything. You can try your reserve before you buy it, pretty cool.

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    Split D bag. Why?

    A friend has a split D bag for his system.
    What are the pros and cons of such a system?

    you remind people every post on here that you are an engineer and you really can't think of some reasons on your own?

    What kind of engineer are you? A petroleum transfer engineer?

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    I was smart enough to last 30 years in the sport……nice try with the grown up words.


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    AAD: No AAD entered.

    That's your usual response to people on here when you have nothing else to say. Like my jump numbers, container, home DZ or any other bullshit have one iota to do with what we're discussing here.

    But keep at it Sparky, live your life vicarioulsy through those of us on here that actually jump and not just post about "the good old days."

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    That is exactly what Gary did……..land a wing suit at terminal. Anything Jeb does now will second best…..and second is first loser.


    Says the guy that doesn't even jump anymore[:/]

    Can you be any more bathetic?

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    My home DZ lost our S&T a few weeks ago to a better job offer.
    I was going to ask him this very question before he helft just forgot thus why i'm asking here.

    Sorry for asking.

    Appology accepted.

    So the S&T is the only person that speaks English at your DZ? Is that what you're saying?