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  1. Did you try Enter or Return key instead of spacebar?
  2. That’s not accurate! I have a working multiport device and can state that there is feedback present on the multi connector protocol. So if you press rec on the camcorder it is possible to decode the state and set appropriate color for the led, i.e red for rec and blue for idle. However I couldn’t find any information/feedback for low bat, missing storage, device in photo mode or powering off. I agree with Trunk that there probably isn’t a reasonable market to make it a commercial product.
  3. I ‘have a working prototype that Daniel Åström tried out during the nationals. It only has basic functions for power on/off, rec on/off and LED indicator, the button fits in a Hypeye hole. I wasn’t able to detect any status for low bat or low mem when sniffing the multiport protocol. Edit: No soldering required.
  4. From Trunk's article : "The actual footage produced is fairly similar if not better than the GoPro 2. It also suprisingly seems a lot wider than the GoPro 2 at 1080p Wide"
  5. I hade something similar and it was caused by the LCD power switch. My LCD opened ones in freefall and got some lose after that. What I did was to turn OFF the power on by LCD function, which worked for me. (edit to add) With another camera the HypeEye button was to snugged fitted to the helmet, causing it to squeeze the button by it self.
  6. You can change the function for the knob to other than focus and leave the new selected function on auto. Do you have any sample footage with the .6 attached you could share? What .6 did you use?
  7. The Power on by LCD menu seams to be available only for the PJ710 and PJ720 models. The flipped LCD solution works fine for the moment.
  8. Uploading it here Link: http://vimeo.com/41376122
  9. As requested I have now uploaded a new comparison video with the CX730 side mounted and the CX115 top mounted (4-way only). Link: http://vimeo.com/41370102
  10. About the Hypeye and CX730. Flipping the LCD inside out made it possible to use the normal functions, i.e power On/Off and Rec On/Off. My TonFly box mod is almost done, and I’m hopping to test the CX730 side mounted this weekend, no tandem or FreeFly since I’m filming FS4.
  11. All my wide angel lenses are 37 or 30mm threading, the cx730 uses 52mm. I could get me a step up ring, but it would most likely result in a lot of vigneting (with my current lenses). Maybe one of these with step down could work http://raynox.co.jp/english/video/hd6600pro/index.html / http://opteka.com/OPT4XPF.aspx but it might still generate problems in BOSS mode since the front lens of the cx730 is shifting in angle relative to any added lens. If I do a test I’ll report back.
  12. Yes, that´s what I’m aiming for. But to do that I’ll first have to build/adapt a suitable enclosure and solved the Hypeye problem. Or maybe just put an L-bracket on the side for testing. For enclosure I was thinking of modify an old TonyFly box I have. I order a Sony RM-AV2 remote that I’ll adapt for my needs replacing the Hypeye. I think it will take about 2 weeks before I can do another side by side test, this time CX730 side mount and the CX115 top mounted. No promises though. And NO, none at our DZ uses/haves flattops for the moment.
  13. Maybe BOSS and 50p together gives a smother look. I put a side by side clip (CX115 vs CX730) on this link http://vimeo.com/40111217 to compare
  14. None other than the built in lens was used. I only put on a 52mm UV-filter for protection.
  15. I took my new Sony HDR-CX730E for a spin this weekend and so far i´m impressed with the performance of the camera. Follow the links bellow for some test clips. The only down side was that my current Hypeye did not work with the camera. Pressing the button powered up the camera, but it turn off right away. Top mounted No enclosure was used Exit temp about -20 degrees Celcius 52mm UV filter screwed on to protect the moving lens BOSS standard x.v.Color on Focus manual (jumps), auto (Zoom test) 50p Quality PS (28M) Rest of settings factory default Tandem jump: http://vimeo.com/40017285 FreeFly jump: http://vimeo.com/40019137 17x Zoom test: http://vimeo.com/40019397 Edit: Downloading the original files from vimeo makes the camera more justice