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  1. Thank you everyone for the info. I know its early in my jumping career but skydiving never leaves my brain and I at least wanted to know what I want to look for. I hope to finish my aff and then have my A license within a few months. I was just so confused my the different types of rigs out there that I did not know where to start. I do know that I want something appropriate for my skill level as I have a very close friend that was too ambitious for her skill and got hurt( nothing serious ) but that is a mistake I do not want to make. I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  2. I am sorry if the answer to this question is already somewhere on the site but. What should a new jumper be looking for in gear? there are so many types and so many options out there I don't know where to start. My interests are mostly freeflying so I do know that I want a well fitted container but after that I am lost. thanks in advance for any information. I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  3. Thanks for the post drew. this is about what most people at my DZ said and I can see why although I still want to at least try it. I do think freeflying is what i will end doing mostly as i think it is the most amazing thing in the world and I already have a friend that wants to be my partner. And thanks again to everyone for the insight, I love these forums. I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  4. but, I cannot seem to find where to edit my forum signature anywhere. would anyone mind letting me in on this? I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  5. Here is a shot my friend took of it, as I am in Europe atm. I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  6. For me, taken from "American Beauty" it simply means do you get high? I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  7. Wow way to keep a clear head, adrenaline can do some amazing things, I crawled out of a wrecked car with 2 broken arms thanks to it. Could you post a link to the info about 1 handed flaring as I would really like to read the information that helped you make a safe landing. thanks and Heal well. I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  8. this sounds like what i was taught, ( quite recently i might add) and always with both hands throwing arms all the way out. I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  9. Thanks for the added insight everyone, I was hoping for 200 only because i also have been flying in a tunnel but I always listen to those with more experience than myself. This is another reason I love skydiving, the community. Thanks again everyone. I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  10. thanks for reply. I am planning to go to perris a lot this year. and yes i know i need way more exp. to start this but my brain never stops thinking about skydiving. I hope to have my A license by summertime and hit that 200 jump marker by the end of summer. I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  11. So I know this is not practiced much anymore but this is what first made me want to skydive as a kid in the 90's. I was hoping someone here could share some insight into it as i have not met anyone at my home dropzone that is into it. I would at least really like to try it a few times with an experienced skysurfer or at least talk about what I need to do to learn the discipline. I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  12. So i just had my first tunnel experience at the beautiful tunnel in Bottrop Gremany. I have never learned so much in 10 minutes. If anyone if traveling through Europe i suggest visiting this tunnel. Hostel chillten is very close and offers discounts to guests flying at the tunnel. Also very nice :) I crave the sky, I want to fly.
  13. Hello everyone , I just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. I'm pretty new to the sport but am completely hooked, and cannot stop thinking about skydiving. I'm currently working on my AFF and have made 4 jumps so far. Thanks to everyone at skydive Santa Barbara for being so welcoming and helpful. Blue skies! cheers Andrew I crave the sky, I want to fly.