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  1. we had a radio event at our dropzone a couple of months ago, so of course we had outside video (myself), outside outside video, and handcam, got this gem from the day https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153173629760247&l=e20c9b129b
  2. to know what you should work on, email your DPRE, he will answer your questions the best considering HE is the one putting on the course, not these other guys who have their ratings (no offense fellas) I did my rating through Simon Wade out of Boulder City, whenever I had a question about the upcoming course he replied to my E-mail promptly and accurately, I went in cold for the most part, I had packed one square reserve, but countless mains, and I did quite well but I am a quick learner, and it was a one on one course so I was the only one working with Simon during that week after my course with him was done he gave me his email and his cell number, if I EVER have a single question, I can call him up and learn something new right then and there, I'm also lucky enough to live about 10 minutes away from a great master rigger who teaches me a shitload every time I go visit him for a late night repack or harness repair I went the lazy and expensive route, I went to para-gear, and ordered their complete riggers toolkit and bag, I have everything I need and then some, I also got a low-end straight stitch and zig zag machine for just under a grand, and I practice patches constantly (you'd be surprised what riggers have in their basement that they're willing to ship off to a new rigger to help them out on their journey, I've got two great condition military rigs that were dropped off years ago and never picked up) BUT like I said, just call or email your DPRE, he will be the best person to answer your questions, and if he brushes you off or doesn't seem to have the time (I've heard some DPRE's are like this) then you might wanna find somebody else to go see for your rating
  3. diver90

    AFF - handycam

    if you want to change it up use a gopro chest mount, the only thing it won't capture is when you turn your head to do full body scans, personally I would leave it on your head, why fix something that isn't broken?
  4. you mentioned you're looking forward, by that do you mean directly forward? the trick I was taught and that I teach my students is to look down 45 degrees, not straight forward (you'll flare to late), not straight down(you'll flare too early), 45 degrees seems to be a pretty average sweet spot for where to be focusing when judging flare height. hope this helps somewhat :)
  5. Ahhhhhh....No. If you are going to use a technique like that, here's a suggestion to avoid using the word "flare" until you actually mean it: "Hands UP! Feet and knees together! Hands UP! Hands UP! Hands UP! and...Flare, Flare, Flare." You can always add On... "HOLD IT! HOLD IT! PLF! PLF! PLF! Good job!" ... and off-radio, "Whew! he made it!" agreed in full, never ever ever mention the F word on the radio until its time for the student to do so, otherwise you have a student effing at 60 feet up and you're praying to baby Jebus they PLF well enough that they dont break themselves
  6. as a traveling skydiver I've come across a handfull of drop zones who almost always bend/break rules, when its a serious safety risk i always always ALWAYS bring up the issue to the jumper, whether its wing loading, jump numbers, pull altitudes, break off/tracking procedures, and if they dont listen bottom line i bring it up to the DZO, i dont go seeking blood, i just mention it to the DZO or manager, hey, so and so could use some coaching regarding (insert issue here)
  7. as an avid skydiving videographer, both tandem and competition, im always looking for the next best camera to get the shot, when im working i run the cx100 and a rebel T3i, when im having fun with my G3 or coaching/instructing students, i use the AS15, the image stabilization is wonderful and the video quality is superb, not to mention the price point is extremely competitive against the go pro, thanks for the review! you definitely sent me in the right direction with the AS15!!