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  1. haha yeah. Where did you come from? "the sky" and from there on off it's basically just "yes" to whatever they ask. Did you jump from the mountain? Sure. Did you jump from a plane? Why not. Is it a parachute? Yeah kind of. I don't get annoyed or grumpy, I just don't bother explaining. Even the mother of a small girl who went "look mom they jumped from the mountain" said "well honey, actually they ......well.....yeah"
  2. Maybe you just envisioned an adrenaline rush to be different? I mean, it's not a daredevil competition. You're jumping out of a plane for the first time, pretty unreal, awesome and different experience, one should feel -something-
  3. Just browsing through in the middle of the night and was gonna make a new topic but as a good little lad I did a search first(ooyeah ) I had the same dreams when I started skydiving!!!! So funny to see others having the same kind of dream! First dream ; I climb out of a heli, to a platform under it. Pretty low altitude. I get focused and repeatedly touch my PC. Ok, ready set GO. Nice and stable exit, couple of seconds freefall and I pull. Nothing. Turn to one side and back to belly. Nothing. I look down, "sh*t thats it", and impact. In disbelief I'm laying on the grass unhurt. I look to my side and see my PC right next to me. I slowly get up, just stare at my PC for a couple of seconds before picking it up. I have a look around and think to myself "guess I'll start walking then....somewhere......... what the ** just happened?"
  4. No experience with Caboolture, but I had a good time at Ramblers! Big plane, fast ride to alt, nice people...
  5. Im still fresh and don't have many jumps but here's my experience during the course. My first landing, I f*cked it up, flared a bit high, canopy went to a holt, wind took me and I started going backwards. I looked back to see where I was going to land and my left hand went up. Canopy went sideways into the ground, I did the same. If I had looked forward and just tried to hold the canopy straight and PLF'ed, my landing would still be bad, but probably much better. Before the next jumps I told myself; I'm going to do what I have learned no matter how strong the instinct to do something else is. If the canopy reacts unexpected just keep going and prepare for PLF. I always wanted to flare too early, so when I -wanted- to flare I waited a bit and I kind of just flared when I saw I had to. If I flared a bit too late I flared faster. It helped me to think about taking control...I'm GONNA do it right this time! If I get hurt, well...I'll still get hurt if I do it wrong. I think it's easy to get into this mindset where you expect that you gonna mess it up AGAIN. And then you just don't try hard enough and your prophecy comes true. Thinking a lot about the next dive, and thinking hard about what I need to change. Don't just hope it goes better and get into the "lets just get it over with" mindset. This helped me alot
  6. Work as a diver and do alot of deep diving on the holidays. Was talking to a friend about different sports, and I said "I'll dive deep, in caves, darkness whatever, but one thing is damned sure, I'll never jump out of an airplane!" Scared of heights and don't care to much for small airplanes. Two days later I thought to myself......f**k it...I gotta do it. Ordered a tandem, weather messed it up. Booked a flight for Australia and signed up for AFF. First jump hooked me completely, LOVED the feeling of standing on the edge looking down and the feeling I got when I jumped. I could almost hear my brain going "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" as I sprung out. Loved the freefall, loved it all! Except for the plane ride...still dont like that
  7. Hi everyone! I´m from the west coast of Norway, and is in the progress of getting into skydiving. Had a trip to England, but crappy weather cancelled all jumping, bummer! Now I´m looking for a place to complete AFF&A-license and hopefully get in as many jumps as possible! Considering Canary islands or Miama(yeah, pretty far apart). If anyone know of any good drop zones in miami or california which is also good for jumping post-course dont be shy to send me a message! Cheers!
  8. Maybe a bit old thread but felt a urge to reply
  9. The idea was for the exit 1. person view, but I'm guessing you have to have head high position when you exit anyway. Just wondering, thanks!
  10. Hi. Quick question, guessing I already know the answer but will any tandem instructor allow the student to wear a gopro helmet?