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  1. Please tell me you are joking right? Youre getting offended at that? It is a total satire on the whole Toby Keith "We'll put a BOOT IN YER ASS" mentality if you don't agree with us. Thanks for posting that clip though. I didn't know that he had another book coming out. I read Lies and thought it was pretty good. Yes it was slanted but it was still entertaining.
  2. The issue has more to do with sunnis and shites. They are different sects of the Islamic religion. The Kurdish are a separate ethnic group altogether. I believe the Kurds are both Sunni and Shite in religion. The beef started in the 6?? century when Mohammed died. He didn't name a successor. The Shites believe that his nephew, Ali, was the rightful successor. I believe he lived in Mecca at the time. The Sunnis didn't think that was the case and thought some other guy (name escapes me but he lived in Damascus) was the real deal. That's what I've been able to gather. It's a real quick down and dirty of the beginning of the Muslim split. I think it's most closely equated to the Lutheran split with the Catholics under Martin Luther. The Shites have a somewhat different belief system (Shites pray 5 times a day, Sunnis 3). They also believe they must publicly mutilate themselves for their sins. Think Yom Kippur on cocaine (not meant to be insulting, that's what a Persian teacher told me once). Maybe you could call it mormonism vs Christianity. Some Christians believe that Mormons are not a serious religion and most Sunnis seem to scoff at the Shites the same way. I just recited all that so I could remember some of it in case we talk about it at Reserves tomorrow.
  3. You're right. I won't be lying. It was a thought that popped into my head at 730 this morning and I've already dismissed it. If I can't tell them the reason why I'm going to miss the weekend then there is no reason to do it. I will in the future reschedule my drills to jump if the weather is nice and I know it won't be a problem. Those that have a problem with it, you can call me a traitor and whatever else when you see me. And Kramer, I've was at Zephyr last time I was working at SOCOM. Next time I'm down there I'll look you up. You'll let a disgraced sailor like myself buy you a beer right?
  4. You do not HAVE to know who I am? So I should be shot by firing squad from wanting to make up my time? Jesus, I'd love to see what you would do to someone who ACTUALLY went UA. I'm sure the President didn't really do that, it's all a vast left wing conspiracy. You must be referring to Clinton's ROE regarding Somalia. Truly pathetic, but let's not forget who sent troops there in the first place. That's right, GHWB. As far as the Balkans go, people died which is a shame, but it's a whole lot better now than it was 10 years ago.
  5. Could you take it down a notch or two? I know you've probably got Toby Keith blaring in the background but you do not know me or what I do. And the fact that you got out because Clinton was President is enough said. You've lost all credibility in this issue. You're going to attack me for wanting to make up my drill time but you outright quit because you don't agree with someone's belief system? Real American. You defend the office, not the man. That's one of the things that makes this country so wonderful.
  6. This is hilarious. First off I don't know what unit you are in but in mine people reschedule drills ALL THE TIME. It doesn't mean that people skip and go run their daddy's campaign or go to Canada either. We drill in a very well known place that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We can make up our time whenever we want to. What does me not being a "top end" skydiver have to do with anything? I want to jump so I can get my license requirements done before it gets too cold. I've rescheduled plenty of drills in the past to jump and I've been forthcoming to my chain about it. It just so happens that this weekend is a change of command ceremony that I'd love to get out of. Admittedly, considering lying to get out of it was not a good idea so I'll just go and hope the weather is good for the rest of the month. Don't be a drama queen about this and make me out to be some Benedict Arnold. If I ever meet you, I'll be sure to give you a cookie for near perfect attendance. That's what they used to do in Kindergarten. Your picture is probably hanging in the President's bathroom.
  7. Damn you people!!! Ok, thanks for the input.
  8. Ok, bad wording. It's not skipping out. I'd just have to make up the time down the line. My conflict is that I'd have to lie.
  9. We have like three really important drill dates a year and this is one of them. Normally I could just reschedule but this weekend it's going to take some crafty story telling to get out of going. The thing is that it's going to be 70 this weekend and nice. How many more weekends of good weather are we gonna get before it gets butt cold on the east coast? I realize posing this question to this audience is like asking a group of cleptomaniacs if it's ok to steal but I'm conflicted.
  10. In the Navy, we call that setting "Circle William".
  11. First she's talking about U2 and oral sex and now she's chatting about base jumping and.......other activities. You are a true American, I'd go to war for your belief system anytime!
  12. So you're gonna shit on Apple for making a brilliant business move? There are other phones out there that can play MP3s. Cingular and Apple made a business decision, I don't know how you can criticize them for it. Incidentally, I hear that the interface for that phone sucks.
  13. Today is Thursday, what are you doing after work?