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  1. so finally , where did you go ? i m lookin for a course in europe too . the german parastore.de doesnt exist anymore any recommendations ?
  2. You make pretty good videographer also if u have just finished your aff but you have 50hrs in a windtunnel ... Safety comes FIRST and a tunnel rat docks more precise in most aspects of flying your body than any talent with 1000jumps.
  3. i thought about NZ but after a small research i think its pretty expensive and 200 jumps are not enough! thanks though !
  4. Thanks for the responses everyone . i was thinking about Arizona , i have the impression that florida might be bit more expensive than i can afford . i was thinking about spaceland ( texas) as well but didnt hear any input . thanks again !
  5. you forgot to say you still live under your mums wings ! !
  6. hello everyone , i m a 25yr old newbie on the skydiving world , i have aprox 130 skydives (+10 s/l) most of which i made in Austria and Australia . i have basic rigging knowledge but not any ratings.At the moment i have saved a small amount of money which i m intending to spend to develop my skills in formation skydiving and accuracy maybe a bit of freeflying as well (since it looks like i m talented in angles) I am located in Sydney but i m willing to move anywhere in australia or overseas if there is accomodation available in the dropzone or close to it. Looking for a dropzone where i could build my skills and numbers , maybe get some ratings as well . i m dreaming of a dropzone where there will be minimum 10 loads daily for the next 8months so i can catch at least 9 Per day . my intention is to reach a significant level of experience by january 2014 so i can work in a dropzone in the near future. SAFETY is a priority as well as kind and experienced people . job offers are also welcome however i dont have any ratings as i said ! thank you in advance for any response . 130views no response ? looks weird !
  7. Hey everyone , i m thinking to buy a used rig that comes with an Apache 150 made by Aerotech . i couldnt find any online information for this specific canopy so i would like some info from jumpers that have experiences on Apache . Thank you in advance
  8. hello kelly87 ,it looks like there has been a mistake ,i haven't posted anything for sale ...Quote