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  1. I have to bump this thread! Sitting here taking a break from packing my own reserve and it had me thinking about Jack Hammer and his methodical and detail oriented methods! His noble personality and spirit keeps on talking to me through every repack I do! I first met Jack during Mike Gruwell's Rigger course at STF as an assistant Instructor during my senior rigger course. He taught me so much and he will always be in my mind throughout my skydiving career and every repack I perform! Thank you for everything you did for me! BSBD I will miss Jack Hammer!
  2. Fly Free My friend! You will be missed,The face of Jumptown has severely changed yet again! I will never forget you and all that you have done for me and the many Great conversations we had. Every Jump I make I will think about you and the wisdom you have instilled upon me. Love you Gray, You will be sorely missed! BLue skies forever! Your friend, J
  3. My Thoughts.....Pulse is for those that have not tried the Pilot! Initially I thought I loved the Pulse, Now I fly a pilot.
  4. Got one courtesy of Mike G. when I went to his senior rigger class. I learned with it and think it works fantastic! Works great especially on the smaller diameter cord. Not hard to use at all.
  5. I had a similiar experience with sizing problems of previous rigs and Jerome got my Seven perfect the 1st time! In fact when I get another rig you bet it's going to be another Seven! And of course Mike / Chuting Star were awesome to deal with as well!
  6. I too live in the Northeast and I think it's just the weather talking! Six weeks till safety day seems like an eternity right now and I could also care less. because of the huge amount of snow it will probably be here until May and then we will have the muddy season and just maybe we will get 2 months of ideal jumping weather in between the rainy days then starting in October we will again have to deal with the high winds! The weather indeed does suck and would really like to move but my wife won't budge either! Plus I am stuck with a mortgage and couldn't even sell my house right now as it's not worth what I paid for it due to the economy and foreclosures! I am seriously thinking of short saleing and cuting away from the northeast there is nothing here for anyone it is very depressing. And yes I have S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) And if you think I am whining G.F.Y. , lol A contractor friend of mine looks at it like this. Winter = Too damn cold can't do nothing! Spring = Too damn wet / muddy can't do nothing! Summer = Too damn hot can't do nothing! Fall = Couple of good days and don't want to do nothing!
  7. This is for all the upcoming rigger candidates and iphone / iPad users. When prepping for my FAA test I studied using a program called Ground School. http://www.dauntless-soft.com/products/groundschool/rigger.asp It was a very helpful program and I passed my test on the 1st try. I came across it while browsing the app store tonight and thought this info could help someone else pass.
  8. That's exactly why I am getting ZPX, So I can go with a smaller container and have more time and room to do so without having to buy another container so soon
  9. The color choices of ZPX are terrible I wish they had an orange, I could make something work then! How about these, changing the color underneath the carbon to show more red?
  10. Thanks, I did use that post to base my decisions, I am wondering how the red ribs will show and what people think of this choice other than it might be hard to find after a cutaway.
  11. Getting ready to order a new canopy, what do you guys/gals think about this design? Just wondering how it might look in real life. Any thoughts?
  12. EMS is usually always consulted about special activities and potential hazards in the local communities or are at least aware of such. Pepperell has been in business a long time and I doubt it was the 1st tree landing. I believe they had plenty of time to assess a different level of tax as you say. As far as not using the service, I am sure they didn't ask him if he wanted their services for a fee and furthermore sounds like they gave him no choice. The service was already paid for and the obligation is theirs unless they want to stop accepting government,state,local and federal funding and call themselves acme tree service.
  13. 3) You will note that the skydiver is being billed by the Essex County Fire Chief's Association Well if thats the case then that is a non profit organization, their website has no guidelines for billing in their constitution or bylaws which is required by the laws in the commonwealth. This is clearly an arbitrary bill sent to this skydiver on a whim. Wether he was at fault or not, would you like a non skydiver or an organization to critique you for mistakes? That is precisely what they did in this case, Maybe the should also write the SIM for us as well! http://www.essexcountyfire.org/bylaws.htm
  14. The chief stated "Massachusetts has no statewide guidelines on rescue billing, and chiefs said these bills are rare, but handled on a case-by-case basis." So they send an arbitrary bill to the skydiver, Sounds like B.S. to me! Knowing this, if you landed in a tree at Pepperell would you climb down yourself and how many people in the future will do just that? I don't know why this makes me so upset it's not even my bill but as a paramedic, skydiver and taxpayer it pisses me off!