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  1. Low average! 12 jumps on static line,6 stabilized jumps (with a drogue) and on free fall in 2001. I had no idea what was happening after the exit, completely unaware of where my legs were, my arch sucked.... Spinning every time and tumbling too on free fall. When I continued jumping in 2010 I was much happier with my performance. It took some time for it all to sink in. Never had problems with canopy flight or landing, probably because i flew paragliders I got Sabre 2 WL 1.25 at jump 30.
  2. Did few jumps at the Beromuenster. Loved it. Very expensive though.
  3. Does anyone know of some DZ along the blue line, or close to it, that is open throughout the week? (see attached photo) I'm going paragliding for the weekend and I'd like to make few jumps on the way back home. Cheers, Igor
  4. I got my Phantom 2 when I had 30 jumps, does that count as one too many I only jumped it twice when I had 120 jumps though. It seems much easier to fly than a TS even if deployment is a bit trickier.
  5. When I was 12, eleven years before my first jump
  6. Same goes for cars, you can't just drive anything you like. But in some, not so well standing countries, it's common to see a guy with 100+ jumps flying something like Katana at 1.5+ WL ...and wearing a wingsuit There are no rules in those countries because there's not many skydivers which is why not many are killing themselves, which is why nobody cares.
  7. It's good to rent a car mate. I did a same thing in April this year only I landed in Vegas and drove to Eloy and after 7 days I drove to Perris and Elsinore. It's only 5 hour drive I paid 600 dollars for Hyundai Elantra for 25 days.. Try to get a car in the city as it seems to be cheaper then at the airport. I stayed at the bunkhouse and I'd do it again. If you have a car it's easier to get to the town for shopping and food. It's a great place mate, enjoy it.
  8. All good on my side, eating dust in Iraq and thinking where to go jump next :) I hope you girls win that thing. I'll keep on voting....
  9. Yo, I remember you from Eloy and Elsinore last may. Voted Cheers, Igor
  10. Very sorry to hear this. I met Fonz first time I was at Mesquite in 2009 and he quickly became my favourite person there. Great attitude and always there to help a noob. My sincere condolences to family and friends.
  11. I shared few thermals with hawks while paragliding. Sometimes they will soar right next to the wing. Pretty cool
  12. I'll just stick with my G2. I wish they just offered a non fogging visor for it. Until then I'll continue using anti fog cloth
  13. Good that Mike has answered, got me worried there. I never waited more than few hours....and that was when i e-mailed him at 3AM