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  1. I ran into the same issue and haven't found the answer. As a workaround I just changed the power save timer to 5 minutes instead of whatever the default was (1 minute I think). Battery life is not awesome but I keep a spare charged and usually end up making it through a full day without needing it.
  2. At 11fps you can shoot about 55 pictures and it takes around 20 seconds to empty the buffer. That's using a 95MB/s card. But 11fps is way overkill so I knock it down to 6fps and haven't run into any buffer issues so far. I'm sure if you tried to hold it down the entire jump you'd hit the limit but shooting a couple seconds burst here and there has worked out fine.
  3. I'm interested to hear how that lens works for you. I was worried about not having auto-focus or stabilization which is why I went for the 10-18. Although I wasn't terribly happy with it's ridiculous price tag. I've had a chance to jump it for the past couple of weekends and I've found that with 11fps I really need to stop shooting at everything because so far I've ended up with 10K+ pictures. But it does miss focus every so often so having a long series to choose from is nice. Not sure if this will help but so far I've been using shutter priority at around 1/1000 depending on how bright it is. And I set the auto-iso range from 100-3200. If it's closer to the end of the day I'll bump up the lower end and slow down the shutter since the camera seems to always seems to want to settle on iso 100 if it can. Depending on what kind of jump I'm doing I'll set focus to wide (wingsuit stuffs) or center (tandem or 2-way stuffs). I also use continuous auto-focus and vivid picture mode. I definitely still have some work to do on settings and form but the pictures have been pretty decent so far. Here's a shot from this past weekend. I had to resize it way down for attachment so it's not the best quality. If there's anyone with more experience that's been using this camera and wants to suggest some other settings to play with I'm all ears.
  4. Can you give some more info on the setup you are using? Is it the kit lens or are you using something else? I recently got ahold of an A6000 with a 10-18 and a 35 prime but the 2.5mm adapters were on backorder and I haven't had a chance to really jump it yet. I did one test sunset jump but the light was pretty terrible since it was close to dark and there was a lot of noise. This is my first real(ish) camera and I've got a lot to learn. Just wondering what your experience has been so far and if you've found a group of settings that work really well.
  5. I don't remember the V# but I've got one in my I-33 and it works great.
  6. I put a few jumps on one last weekend and did a couple of jumps chasing someone else in the same suit. All of my jumps were spent trying to fly on my back and no matter what I tried I couldn't get the tail wing to really inflate, it was stable and the arms were fine but the tail was just flapping. Everyone else that's flown this suit at our DZ had the same issue so maybe it's just the suit. But it might also be that we haven't figured out the correct way to back fly it yet. I'm not quite ready to give up with only a few jumps either. For what it's worth I've only been wingsuiting for about a year but I've done about 300 jumps mostly focused on acro in a P3 and a Ghost. The vast majority of my jumps include a lot of backflying. I've also got a Colugo and I love the big squirrel suits. The swift seemed great on it's belly, very agile and I thought it had a lot of range.
  7. We've had reasonable success with these: Everyone that has been using them at our DZ either has a G2 or a G3 so I'm not sure if the noise inside of other helmets could cause issues. But if you are fairly close (within 1000ft or so) they work pretty well. I've been able to talk while flocking and freeflying. I know people that have used them in the tunnel but when I tried flying head up there was too much wind noise coming in the bottom of my G2, maybe they would be good for belly. I put one of the speakers behind my audible so I can hear it really well. It does sacrifice some of the sound from that speaker but I'd rather hear my audible. They are designed for MC so they put up with moisture well, at least so far. Plus you can pair them with your phone and listen to music on the way up.