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  1. Sorry about the humor man... im sorry you got hurt, you know our hearts go out to you and your right it aint funny but sometimes humor is a good thing, I take it seriously and im known to be a bit of a wind weenie... I have no fn problem with that, i just wish there were more guys on our side, but that 30 bucks will make you jump in some crazy shit sometimes wont it? Especially when your DZO is on the plane and your on jump run. One of the worst things that Ive heard many times is "well hell if we dont jump in these winds we'll never jump"... then fuckit, dont ever jump.. or move your dz somewhere else! oh in a perfect world... heal up quickly bro and just like its said on Top Gun (the movie) "A good pilot is compelled to evaluate whats happened so he can apply what he's learned" Viper is like Yoda man... yoda, peace
  2. Dont i know it! this weekend im gonna work more on my 630 tandem hooks... i just gotta remember to set up a bit deeper on my downwinders! was also thinking about not throwing the drouge till pull time, just to stay current on my terminals
  3. I really like it! Its really fast to hook up, just slide the nylon through the steel slot and slip in the cable. Openings have been normal to me, easy to remove, I recommend it man... but who am I? about 50 jumps on a velo 96 2.0... just switched from the UPT style rds... which I cant stand when packing in a hurry... which we usually are... so my vote buy it man you wont be disappointed, peace
  4. just wanted to add this for whoever else was reading this... First your video showed me the winds werent really that high... the yellow tandem was definately low in his turn, he keeps that up and itll get him for sure... a tandem should never be in the corner IMO... that being said, I have turned several students too low and got lucky.. anytime your in breaks to pull out of the dive its too low for a tandem IMO.. but honestly those winds didnt look that bad to me... they all had fwd speed... so they mustve been gusty and turbulent (could be obstacles as I see plenty of trees) but here is an example of gusts up to 26mph! (light girl but still) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yMJXcZocE8 All TIs need to see this, especially the immortal rockstars... these winds were around 20-26 mph... i was there packing, the ti who landed behind him landed fine... as it was said before its not a matter can, but rather a matter of should. this TI is a great skydiver and a good friend he broke his pelvis on this landing and was lifeflighted... he spun and took the hit, the girl walked away without any injury. Turbulence is hell and should be respected always... we as tis need to always err on the side of caution no matter what the DZO's say... unfortunately, as you know, this is rarely the case... and it fn pisses me off... I guarantee the minute the landing area is cleared of your broken body they will be jumping again... nature of the sport? but it doesnt have to be. Tis need to stick together and say hell no we're not jumping today till its safe... or better yet maybe i should just stop taking people skydiving. Four weeks ago i got out at 21-28 knots but landed in 35 knots, chopped the main on the ground ect... but before I landed my chute collapsed at 1200 feet just before i started my downwind... the minute I see a tandem canopy buck, im out.. cause i know there is turbulence close to the ground... the only way pilots know if there is turbulence is with what little tools they have and by other pilots telling them its there... with canopys its much the same... dubai wind limits im told are 21 mph... mile high stops at 22 or 23 knots... IMO anything over 25mph should be shut down... the DZ loses no money on rainchecks... none.. in fact they only gain cause some of the people never return... they dont make much on funjumpers and students are a no go anyway so what the hell? rant over... ha Edited to add: for all those idiots who think that a parachute just quickly reflates after it collapses, yes most of the time it does, but its still not a reason to keep jumping, its a reason to sit down.
  5. "slight increase in saves who cut away too low" Dont know if i buy that anymore. Most people who chop extremely low and are saved do not report it... but i want to discuss this a bit more with you as im not sure what insanely low is. Yesterday I was flying over some hangers (bad spot, totally my fault) canopy collapsed just as I was going for my fronts, it was turbulence... i wondered what, if any options i had... fire reserve into spinning/collapsed main, pull both handles simutaneously, canopy transfer, or just dump the reserve... few options. But at 850ft, skyhook? Dunno... id really like to hear from some of you... Ive seen many vids of insanely low saves (skyhook) and many vids of insanely low not saves (no skyhook) I just wonder if we really know the numbers of the saves is all
  6. its a good question. My 2 cents. A skyhook, provided its rigged up properly and has no malfunction of its own, will have a reserve out quicker than an RSL. More time to deal with mal'd main and find safe landing, provided people arent purposely pulling lower and chopping lower, i.e. its not an excuse to burn pass hardecks and other safety measures, but it is there if, for whatever reason, you find yourself low as hell with no options. I have seen, and been apart of reserve pc hesitation. Most people i have spoken with dont have res pc hes in their eps. Just the other day i saw a low cutaway from a student and the reserve pc was just bouncing around on his back for about 800 ft or so and finally the reserve opened. I believe all student rigs should have a skyhook. Simply put, in all working parameters (RSL misrigging has caused issues/fatalaties as well) the skyhook gets it out much faster but is not ideal in some disciplines as you can imagine. My assumption is that his friends may not have had an RSL at all, and that type of cutaway takes a little while to open, especially when you throw in the res pc hesitation and low chops. I have spoken with many HP canopy pilots and most of them fly, and have used the skyhook. General consensus is they save lives. Jimmy T just recently told me at mile hi that he believes it saved his life... he has over 20,000 jumps. End of the day, just cause you have an airbag in your car doesnt mean you drive into a brick wall but when a brick wall suddenly appears, its great to have an airbag, but again, airbags have killed. I think at this point its safe to say that a skyhook equipped rig is a safer rig, even moreso than just an RSL, but that doesnt mean you are safe in this sport. All we can do is mitigate risks... to quote Bill Booth "the true test of a safety device is whether it saves more lives than it kills" now let the vultures chime in
  7. Darius Turcinskas from skydive midwest made this video.. thanks again brother! i hope you all enjoy it... again... blues http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi7eOTUFXJA
  8. Pretty cool but a bit expensive. Anybody know where I can get a used one??? Thats hilarious!!!
  9. Have a glass / bottle of decent wine / tub of icecream / nice meal - watch a good movie, get a good night's sleep and then hit it again ... Or... Take a few years off, sell most of the crap you probably dont need anyway, pull the kids out of school and move to another country! You may find that doing something just so you can make more money isnt worth it... or you may find that it is... You clearly are a very passionate person, so be Radically passionate and do something radical... or not! But, whatever you do, try not to worry so much about it, easier said than done of course... I think it goes without saying, we want the best for each other.. There was this girl I was living with, and we were both going to acting classes. She quit her job of 80k at 35 yrs old to pursue acting full time, said she couldnt stand her job anymore... gasp... she was an accountant. Sorry, this is all I have. See, taking time to read how ridiculous OTHER people sound really does cheer you up a bit aye? BTW... your definitely not alone in your thought.
  10. "I don't believe in paranormal activity" "I didn't know so many people were superstitious"... i guess someone who believes is superstitious? I agree with Spence, could you define what you beleive the difference is? What is Life? Some believe it is a miracle and some believe it is just a perfect coincidence... now we are back to where we started huh? Just thought id stir the pot a little...
  11. hahaha... Yup, the girl is beautiful very cool too. I didnt get too long to talk with her, she had a HD boyfriend... you know, the guys that make vertical look like belly... and once she saw my skilzzz that was it... come to think of it i think I may have almost clipped her friend in the sky... no worries... I got people who like to jump with me called freinds! BTW, the bridge is the same chord progression, the melody just changes a bit... sorry I left that one out... and dont worry about playing it, the way I look at it, it was a gift to me and so was skydiving, its for everyone who enjoys it... peace and blues Edited to Add: If you do end up playing it, see if someone will video it, I would absolutely love that!!!!!!!
  12. Sweet! I hoped you guys would like it, I did. Im also hoping to hear it played at a boogie sometime by someone else... that would just be too damn cool... to sit out there, sip a brew and listen to someone sing your song... I mean for me, not sure if it gets much better than that... well, being at the boogie itself of course! Thanks for all your awesome comments...
  13. Im always open to accompanyment. work with it if you like and post the electrified version! Im not a lead player, mainly just melody and lyrics ya know. But thanks for the comment!
  14. yeah, so many of them were taken and I just wanted to put the song up here... you a Green Day fan?
  15. What do you guys think? About the song, not the skydiving! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi7eOTUFXJA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi7eOTUFXJA