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  1. I have been out of the sport a while and was thinking of fellow instructors I had worked with and came upon Rob's untimely passing due to a fatal landing in China on July 4 2019. I first met Rob at Skydive Cross Keys in Williamstown, NJ. We were both tandem and Aff Instructors and then later the two of us were loaned out to assist with Parachutes Are Fun in Salisbury MD (Gordon Reiner). Rob's infectious smile, laugh, and high speed verbiage cracked me up to no end; he talked at three times the normal speed. Rob was an incredibly talented flyer and instructor, I always envied his lack of fear and spiritual attitude to the sport, despite so many close calls including surviving 2 plane crashes. He was a great companion in the sport and never had a bad word to say about anyone or anything. He will be terribly missed. Somewhere there is a highlight video of a jet passing underneath Rob and another instructor's AFF dive.
  2. Wow very sad. He was my course director for AFF/I in Cal City back around 95'. Hilarious teacher. I remember him criticizing my skull tee-shirt as inappropriate for my ground school classes, and his incessant 5-5 but never pulling checkout dives, to keep us candidates on our toes. Best Wishes to his family. You are sorely missed.
  3. Wow, what a sad loss. I was a Tandem I at Skydive AZ in the 90s Randy was a camera flyer and he gave me great instruction on achieving my AFF ticket and what to expect from the Certification course which I passed on my first try. Best wishes to his family.
  4. Completely agree, no need to cinch down, also, once open, take all the slack up on the chest strap, this helps a great deal.
  5. Wow, so sad to hear of his passing. A great master of ceremonies at the infamous Quincy wet T-shirt contest. Also fond memories of big way lingerie dives and great stories of skydiving in the 70s.
  6. Wow, sad to hear of his passing. My first tandem on 09/1/91 on Hinckley's Beech 18, he was on board, and was on many of RW jumps at Skydive Chicago.
  7. Awesome owner, a wonderful attitude, a great guy to work for, my most emorable story was when he was guiding a student down from an AFF-1 jump: "boy if you don't turn your going to die in the power lines, die in the power lines!." "Airborne". Miss you my man.
  8. I have been out of Skydiving for a number of years and I had lost track of her after the death of her son but she had been in my thoughts, and then I recently came across the very sad news of her death. I first met Jenny and Marty at east Troy in the winter of 1991. As a newbie with 50 some-odd jumps Jenny was approachable with sound advice from the moment we met. She made my first RW suit, and she invited my on my first big way (6). later we would spend fun times and dives at Skydive Chicago, Eloy, and Quincy. A talented flyer and rigger, she was a wonderful source of information regarding all facets of our sport and continued to make suits and Freefly Pants for me. One of my fondest memories was her attendance at my wedding to one of my Tandem Students. My Best man and I jumped in prior to the service and Jenny was the only one who showed up early to see and photograph it. I will miss her.