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  1. Thanks everybody for all the good vibes. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  2. Right now I am taking a lot of calcium (1500mg) with the vitamin D, one pill on every meal and some pain meds every 12 hours. Can't wait to get out of the cast, 5 more weeks to go.
  3. I made a horrible spot, chose a very bad alternate landing area and crashed a car with my coxis, I had lifted my legs to try and miss it but I was 5 inches too low. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  4. Hiya! I talked to the doctor but I didn't liked his first 20 answers. He told me to sell my gear and change sport. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  5. Hi bro's and sis's, have you ever fractured a bone? the reason I ask if you have fractured a bone is because I did it on my last jump and I really need to know when I can go back to the air. So have any of you have experience with fractured vertebrae and coxis? and how much time watching skydiving videos before you could go out and jump? The injury is 5 fractured vertebrae and 1 fractured coxis, I was lucky that I didn't need surgery but did got a cast from chest to pelvis. If you want some details about the accident you can PM. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  6. I did it!, got my USPA coach rating, two days ago. woohooo! I took the course in Zhills with Elly, she is a great instructor, great trainer, great evaluator. The eval jumps where one with Lorrie and the other one with Elly, it was very fun to have them as students/evaluators, they make you work in the sky. If you ever need a rating, go find Elly. Beers are on me! HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  7. The main is half your life, your real life is the reserve. Always remember you have a second chance. I took the packing course after my 7th jump. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  8. gogles, log book, if you live in cold weather then gloves. What a while before buying an altimeter or anything else skydiving related. Oh yeah almost forgot, a T-shirt. Welcome to the sport! HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  9. That too! its kinda funny te see a skydiver on top of the wheel acting like a circus elephant. A good revenge is to fart on the plane before leaving. That will teach the pilots a lesson about customer service . HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  10. I wonder what would you do in my dz where there are no lights to tell you when to jump. When the plane is align to jump run stick your head out the window, look down, give instruction to the pilot in case there is a drift or are above clouds, yell CUT and jump, much better than trusting a light but thats only my opinion. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  11. The key in skydiving is "Dirt dive" and "practice practice practice". Get a big pillow, do your belly, arch, turn right, coast, stop, relax, repeat; after doing it 20 times, go for left, then again and again and again. I dunno if it will work but a thing I do to visualise is that the knee I put down is where my lower part will move. Right knee equals lower part moving to the right, making you turn to the left. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  12. First things first: get your own gear (if you don't have one) and then get a canopy control course. In Deland you can get the course with Scott Miller, he is a very good instructor that will teach you alot about canopy control and if am not mistaken he also gives the swoop course. Another good thing is to do what skymonkeyONE said, search the forums. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  13. I use a bonehead boomerang, I like it more than a Z1. Z1 are shaped way to small, I tried a Z1 XL and didn't fit, then tried a Boomerang L and it fit great. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  14. go for the square, easier to pack. Some riggers don't have the tools to pack a round. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com
  15. Goggles, you gotta jump with style dont ya then came the altimeter, gear, jumpsuit, helmet. HISPA 21 www.panamafreefall.com