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  1. Hey guys. Stupid question here. The last weekend in October I get to ride copilot in a Gulfstream G5 to Anchorage Alaska. I know parts of Alaska have periods where it's dark for a while and light for a while. Does anyone know if it will happen to be in the dark season for my trip? I'm not sure if the light seasons even go down as far as Anchorage. Hopefully I'll be able to see that beautiful country. Hopefully someone will know.
  2. osmosis
  3. Age:25 Sex:M Avg.0.17660000000000003
  4. heres more good ones...
  5. My wife didn't believe me that she snores sometimes. Well, one night I got the old tape recorder out. She didn't seem to think it was as funny as I thought it was.... oh well.
  6. If we all shift our weight just right..... well, maybe not. This guy is the man. Awesome.
  7. I've downloaded a couple different skydivers for Microsoft flight simulator. None of them seem to work real well though.
  8. High Speed Dirt- Megadeth
  9. Can I go? I heard that you need to have at least 50 jumps to go, or be invited by someone with 50 jumps. Is this true? I only have 3 jumps. And haven't jumped in a year. I guess me and my wife packing the tent, BBQ, and coolers in the car and coming out for weekend isn't a good idea? Do a tandem or two, watch some awesome flying, and plenty of partying! Sounds great! That is, if it's not invite only.
  10. Not me. Cause i'm just a loser with only 3 jumps.
  11. I've seen that photo. Looks pretty rough. Would be curious to hear the story too.
  12. Yep... 535 jumps in one day!! Damn that's nuts.
  14. That was a great story. How long before you were able to get back up in the air?
  15. I have a buddy who has the Great Melinko tattooed on his chest!! Thats a clown from a band called Insane Clown Posse. Bad high school mistake. lol. Dumb A**