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  1. K. I'm pretty impulsive and just wanted to jump. I knew it was illegal but was thinking the penalty for the pilot would have been similar to traffic ticket or fine. At first, I didn't realize that he could lose his license over something like this. I think its stupid, but that doesn't matter. It puts things in perspective for me. thanks for the people that were helpful. And thanks for the people that PM'ed me. The info helped a lot. I got a hold of someone else thats jumped one and he's gonna help set it up and jump it with me. He was pretty stoked when I told him it was free, too "Step 3: Post this up on next time" I was going to but thought that more people here would point me in the right direction about the FAA rules. Understandably, I'm pretty sure I woulda had responses that were more welcoming from that forum. But getting info was more important. "In all seriousness though, don't take base gear out of aircraft. There is absolutely no reason to. If you really want to, borrow a big rig if you don't own one, and free pack your base canopy into your sky rig (as long as you have a spandex BOC, id be worried about a hard pull with a 32" PC in a cordura BOC) pack it just like you would a base rig, but with more S folds, it works exactly the same and is legal. You'd totally fuck the pilot if you got caught, especially if he doesn't understand the difference in gear and thinks its all legal. Talk to some local experienced jumpers, if you're friends with BASE jumpers i guarantee someone you know has organized off DZ loads, heli, aeroplane, or balloon, whatever it all applies. I'm sure they can help you set up a load safely, and would gladly come along to fall out of it Be smart and safe, and for the pilots sake legal." I understand the consequences of it and I'm gonna leave it up to the pilot. I'm 150lbs and my base canopy is a 266. I don't have any friends with a container that big, especially one that would fit me. And honestly I feel much more comfortable with my rig whether its logical to others or not. (I'm sure someone's gonna flame on this) And I am gonna have someone that's jumped one before help set the jump up.
  2. Back to the FAA business, I'm not sure the BASE rig is going to cut, unless it's TSO'd and has a TSO'd, in-date reserve. Your buddies commercial license (actualyl his whole license) will be on the line if you get caught. It's technically the pilots responsibility to make sure everyone is jumping a legal, in-date rig. I'm not terribly worried about the danger or legality of it. As far as safety goes, it does have potential to not go well, but its got potential to go awesome too! ;) I know its a serious situation but have done more dangerous jumps and a lot more illegal jumps than this. Not trying to sound over confident, but I'm ok with the jump. But I do understand if the pilot isn't cool with it. I'll contact my dz and direct the pilot to the FAA regs and let him decide if its something he still wants to do and how legal he wants them jump to be. If its something he's wanting to do again, probably totally legal.
  3. thanks everybody for the info! trying to address all the above posts: He's a commercial helicopter pilot and I don't know how much experience he has. He's not familiar with skydiving and maybe that's why he's not familiar with those FAA regs? Or maybe he is and I misunderstood? And he was concerned about stability. It sounded like he's never "dropped" anything from it. I'm figuring I'll just hang with a buddy on opposite sides of the heli and drop at the same time. I have a wind flag that I was going to put in the LZ and gonna walk it first. Gonna use my base rig and treat the jump like a base jump cuz I'll be landing at my buddy's place with a tight landing area (not tight for base standards). And yeah I've thought about PC issues but appreciate the reminder. Predeployment and then birthday-wrap yourself in the canopy might ruin the day.
  4. Thanks I think I'll give my dz a call about it. And I've got about 100 parachute jumps now and I feel reasonably comfortable with a heli jump. I was looking up the FARs and I don't understand a lot of them (different classified airspace, etc.) but I'll forward the info to him. The guy is out of state. I definitely want to be safe and he wants to be at least somewhat legal, enough to not get too much in trouble. He's gonna be dropping me and some buddies off in the middle of nowhere, then we'll pack, repeat.
  5. So it looks like I got hooked up with someone with a heli that wants me to jump out of it. He's never had anyone jump out of it and I've never done it either. He's a little worried about stability. Is there anything specific I have to know? How I exit, etc. He's got an md-500. Also anyone have a reference where I can find FAA or USPA rules on this kinda stuff? The pilot's understanding was that if it is outside the city, you just have to get landowner's permission to land and you have to radio other aircraft around? I looked up under and couldn't find the info. Any other info is appreciated!!
  6. Flying a 1.3 wingloading at 75 jumps makes for a steep learning curve. You might get a break and make it through unscathed.... or you might get broke. New Pulse - less than $2000. Broken ankle - $10k+ Badly broken leg - $30k+ Weeks off of work - $???? Bottles of pain meds - priceless! Your choice. ???? are broken legs really that cheap??!!!!!!? wish i woulda broke my femur instead of my hip. lucky to walk out of the hospital with
  7. I was under canopy 1500-1800'. Lost altitude awareness. Jump #9, second jump without an instructor. my rental rig didn't have an AAD. I'm not bragging at all. I felt like an idiot the whole day and got yelled at on the ground by an instructor after landing.
  8. you're right, its not the answer i was looking for haha but thanks! I guess I naturally have the mentality that if I use something smaller then I'll get used to it even though I know that doesn't really make much sense.
  9. I have 12 jumps. I weigh 150lbs. I started on a Navagator 220. Then I've used a 210 Spectre for a few jumps. I went to a different dz and used a 190 Sabre. I've had all stand up landings except 1 in the pea gravel. I know I have very little experience but wanted to know what other people here think. My dz has only one 190 and its a fusion. asked 2 instructors what they thought and one said no way and the other said I should be fine if I felt up to it. I understand a fusion might be above my experience level but since I only weigh 150....what do you think? I feel pretty confident (for my experience level at least). I like moderately pushing myself but don't want to get in over my head. If it makes any difference, I'm a gymnast and have been doing parkour for years (I'm great at falling!! haha)
  10. oh and the reason why you had a hard time breathing was cuz you were freakin out and tensed up. The airspeed doesn't make it any tougher. you'll get used to it and won't even notice it the next couple times.
  11. peace sign haha! thats a freakin awesome pic!!! keep that for sure! IF you do end up getting into the sport you'll crack up about it later congrats on the first jump. I'm a noob too and did my first tandem a month and a half ago. did jump #12 on my first pack job today! sickass sport, huh!?!!
  12. Utahite is the correct terminology. and I'm a newb at Ogden and love it. Only jumped in Tooele one day so far. King Air sure got to altitude quick but the caravan has a bigass barn door exit. I live in Orem and will be making the longer trip up to Ogden most of the time.
  13. I'm a newer skydiver and haven't jumped in below freezing yet. but I've been wearing dirt bike gloves every jump and will probably wear the cold weather dirt bike gloves once it gets below 40. They have great dexterity and feel and are still wind proof. and i got all sorts of dirt bike gloves laying all over my house
  14. 75 miles each way. got a truck with mud tires. Gotta get a small car now to afford skydiving
  15. I'm a newer skydiver working on my A right now. I've experienced a lot of frustration learning to fly on my back in the wind tunnel. I worked on somethings a lot on my own that helped a ton and I think they'd help you too. I'd lay on my back (you'd lay on your stomach) and imagine your spinning to the right. then position your shoulders, head, arms, legs etc. to correct it. then imagine spinning to your left and correcting. then imagine correcting any instability (arch, for example). I practiced this for 5 or 10 minutes 2x a day for 2 weeks. Now my body can correct problems without thinking about them. Probably saved me a lot of money in tunnel time/skydiving. just my inexperienced $.02