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  1. rds slider on a big safire? never seen that before
  2. according to your profile you're an AFF Instructor. are you serious? this is grossly terrible advice you're telling the OP. first of all, the original question is null because going from fast to slow you aren't going to hurt yourself. second, people do HD to Belly transitions in the tunnel all the time. go look at Dynamic flying when they transition across the tunnel on their bellies to the original poster. ignore 99% of the bullshit people post on this entire website and go find someone competent at your own DZ to ask these questions
  3. In your other post you stated “this was a pre-planned jump with all parties being experienced skydivers and everyone knew the risks before boarding the plane.” In the absence of any real proof to the contrary I am going to go with a tandem done with a “paying customer” as you say. If this the case I see no problem with people going out of their way to call those involve “idiots” because that is what they are. ***and i do think my comparisons hold up well. Swooping and raft dives don’t involve a student or an inexperienced person. What is depicted in the picture is a group of turds using a tandem jump for their own enjoyment. The jump is supposed to be about the “paying customer” and should be done a safe as possible. Proxy flying in not skydiving, it is BASE jumping. Different sport. Sparky i corrected myself in saying that i was talking about the latter example in the video. you're right, we can't confirm or deny if the first picture depicts a student or skydiver. i just think people are judging without all the facts. i did go on to say the during a paid tandem jump these are not appropriate actions. but if licensed and qualified jumpers want to risk their own lives doing activities like this then so be it. my personal opinion is that people that pull low all the time are idiots, but thats only my opinion. I'm not gonna judge them for actions they perform that are inside legal boundaries. thats all i was trying to say. excuse me for playing devil's advocate and ruffling the feathers of you people swooping and raft dives normally don't involve students. you are correct. but they occupy landing areas where there is swooping is the point i was making in regards to the BASE isn't skydiving comment. you think mass media really does a good job of depicting the differences in the sports? no, if i proxy flyer goes in it goes in the news just the same. blah blah some guy doing a stunt involving a wingsuit dies blah blah. do you think joe blow knows the difference? no, the general public puts us all in the same boat
  4. never tried to be on a high horse. its just hard to take someone opinion on tandem safety that has 37 skydives. thats the people i was more gearing that part to. can't tell if it was an experience jumper or not in the first picture. but the video that was posted obviously included all experienced skydivers. and i do think my comparisons hold up well. i don't agree with shenanigans with paying customers that aren't experience skydivers. but if its all fun jumpers involved and its their equipment... fair game. if everyone knows what they're getting themselves into i don't see why people on dz.com should be able to judge them personally. this original post was asking if this were a legal/safe skydive. the thread has turned into morality issues, ethics, and whether skydiving is safe or not in general. is it legal? debatable. is it safe? debatable. if you're not going to participate in these types of jumps then why do people feel necessary to go out of their way to call these guys idiots? this is no more unsafe (with experienced skydivers) then going out and taking a wingsuit inches from a cliff, or swooping tiny cross-braced canopies, or angle flying. but you guys don't bash on proxy flyers and call them renegades and ruining the sport for people... you praise them. you gonna tell nick batcsh he's irresponsibly using his rears after diving at the ground at insane speeds on a distance run? hell no, you're gonna like and share all his Facebook stuff because its cool. i think we can all see where I'm going with this. this is a spectator sport and we do it for the camera and to have fun with our friends. don't get butthurt. go jump
  5. ok, so the majority of people posting in this thread would probably want to strip ratings of people involved in this stunt because in your opinion its "stupid". ill also add that there are many people that are commenting on this that have no business putting in their 2 cents. if you don't have a tandem rating then theres really no merit to your argument because no offense, but you just have no idea what is actually going on here if you haven't been there before. 2nd point. for all the people that are saying that manufacturers should pull ratings for doing stunts like this. there are plenty of swooping accidents involving more than the canopy pilot. so is PD gonna start taking away everyones' velos because during their swoop (which is also a pre-planned stunt and if you don't agree then you're an idiot) they ended up colliding with someone in the landing area? this happens all the time. this was a pre-planned jump with all parties being experienced skydivers and everyone knew the risks before boarding the plane. remember this the next time you go to do a raft dive or something of that nature and see if it isn't the pot calling the kettle black.
  6. feel free to ask questions, but were not gonna check back on the thread we started to answer any of them
  7. anybody have good footage of tandem videographers freeflying around the tandem?
  8. there are 7 pages of rants and crying about LITTERING. arent there bigger issues going on in the world than some stickers being posted up. oh yea, theres a huge fucking natural disaster in Haiti that has taken lives and destroyed a country. if you guys put the same amount of effort into something constructive like helping someone that you guys put into trying to bash chuck and the rest of the ast dropzone then the world would be a better place. get off your fucking high horse because theres not a single person on this site who hasnt littered, broken the law in some fashion, or bent their personal morals before. flame on haters
  9. The issue at hand is the litter and vandalism with the stickers. Their reputation didn't help either. Guilt wasn't at issue either. It was a civil case. They're still liable for the damages. its so ridiculous how self righteous you always have to be about asc and anything related. theres not a person in this world who hasnt every done anything wrong. who do you think you are running around this forum creating this huge cult of asc haters. cuz thats what you guys are doing. yea, skyride may tell people some shady stuff here and there through miscommunications, but its not like were out there jumping illegally or not following safety concerns. you guys act like everyone associated with an skyride owned dz is just a bunch of criminals and lowlifes. for that matter, almost all the fun jumpers in waverly right now are active duty or retired military. things arent what they seem on this forum. open your eyes and stop swinging off billy vance's nuts
  10. Yeah it was, something about their lawyer saying the company is based in Georgia and that the court has no jurisdiction over them. Well hey, Nashville Metro knew something like this was coming. But don't worry, they'll see it through. how are you getting this insider information about the alleged defendant??? are you banging the judge or bailiff or something? i dont understand how you apparently always know more than said parties in question
  11. dude, youre on level 7 on aff and youre still using a radio to fly your pattern??? i thought u had to fly unassisted to pass aff?