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  1. watch a movie without shouting! Even though Im Scottish myself I cant help but find this funny. Let the spankin begin!!!
  2. if it isnt the one and only dangeroo herself, howdo missus, we miss you to puddin, an i find it funny how you couldnt understand me when you were in the trunk, but you could understand me when i was drunk as hell!!! dont worry i will give amanda a great big hug just for you when she gets home, an i am gonna have to think of something better to do to you than dumping you in a trunk next time we meet, so beware puddin!!! nothing but love for you missus!!! Let the spankin begin!!!
  3. Sean Connery aside (ooohhh yeah) I remember being in Europe in my early 20s. Even when the accents were really heavy, I had no problems understanding people in Ireland or England, But Scottland? There were times we would have to ask 3 different people for directions before we got an answer we understood! Still sexy though! i am scottish, and i understand what you mean about people not bein able to understand the scottish accent, i have to repeat myself quite a few times when asking for things at different stores, but on the other hand i do get a lot of women telling me that my accent is sexy, plus its good for getting free cookies from subway!! but i would have to say my favourite is irish! plus i get mistaken for being english, irish and australian a lot too! Let the spankin begin!!!
  4. good luck missus, hope you do well
  5. ur goddamn right i was dancing round the living room, being a very proud scotsman myself!!! bit the thing about this show was that i had an on going arguement with my friend who stays in new york, who is descended from the zulu's (as he puts it), about who would win, needless to say, i won, and as soon as i stopped dancing round the room, i got my ass on the xbox an started winding him up about it, all he could say was that it was bullshit! i call that a sore loser!
  6. an as for you missus, just you wait till you get home, i will show you a man an his skirt!!! hahaha! Let the spankin begin!!!
  7. i heard about this the other day, an being a true scotsman, i would of told that teacher, "its a kilt, if i wore anything underneath it, then it would be a skirt!!!" an then promptly flashed him an tell him to get to f**K!! an hell yeah dude, lets PROTEST!, an we can give them a 21 bum salute!!! Let the spankin begin!!!
  8. I am dubbed Ron Strokum Let the spankin begin!!!
  9. she doesnt care, she's the 1 can Dan 2 man superman Let the spankin begin!!!
  10. drinking Budlight, ran out of my beer so now Im drinking the wife's Rather be having a Boddingtons Let the spankin begin!!!
  11. i was walked in on one time by my mother, i didnt stop tho, just told her to put the kettle on an i would be out in a bit, think she was more mortified than my girlfriend at the time!!! i also walked in and caught my dad doin his present wife doggy style on the couch, he didnt stop either, just gave me a thumbs up, to this day she still doesnt know about it! also got caught having sex outside with my girlfriend over the hood of a car by my step mum, an 2 step brothers, now that was the most embarassing one for me because she stopped an asked me wot i was doing, as if it wasnt already obvious!!! Let the spankin begin!!!
  12. i would have to say "orgasmo" by the guys who make south park! plus "braveheart" cos i am scottish an lookk bloody good in a kilt! Let the spankin begin!!!
  13. i would have to say "orgasmo" by the guys who make south park! Let the spankin begin!!!
  14. thanks very much, but rasta aint my type, plus my legs look better in a kilt! Let the spankin begin!!!
  15. absolutely beautifl! well done to all involved in that one!!!