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  1. my one is the most uncomfortable helmet ive ever owned...
  2. Thanks for the reply, im looking at a sabre2, crossfire or hurricane at the moment, ill check the safire out but i think i want a bit more performance.
  3. thinking of getting a crossfire 2 or 3, loaded at 1.5, anyone tell me how the openings are as i will be flying camera allot. Thanks Rich
  4. i have a d7000 and a tokina 11-16, great lens, but heavy combo for jumping, one thing to remember is to keep the focal length as close as you can to your video setup, so you can frame the same way on both, i would use the kit 18-55 @ 18mm, actually for me when i start jumping again ill go with a point and shoot at 24-28mm with a mouth switch, much lighter and more compact than a dslr, easier on the neck, and these days you wont see any difference in quality due to the great performance you get out of a point and shoot specially as most people will only be posting online anyway :) see pic, my old setup, bulky, uncomfortable, no need for all that these days..............
  5. thanks for the reply, im using a SanDisk 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, i will do some research on it, i had run the camera for a few mins just checking it out and had no problems upto this morning, i was recording in hd at the time Rich
  6. ]I used my brand new CX100 today for the first time, not in freefall but on a tripod to film the last ever night launch of the space shuttle, i have a scandisk 8gb card installed which the camera is saving to instead of the internal memory, after less than 1 minute, it stopped Fu---ng recording, it sayed BUFFER OVERLOAD, I managed to get it going again after a few seconds, i am verry pissed, and would have been even more pissed if i was filming a tandem, so i will try and contact sony today, anyone else had that problem??? i will post any advice i get from sony, i will also leave it recording again for a good 30 mins and see if it happens again,,,,,, Rich[/:)]
  7. Thanks for the replies, ill check out the helmets you mentioned, The FTP was a great helmet when it came out, but ill be happy to see it go now, video cameras are very compact these days, it would be nice to see a small lightweight good quality stills camera, i have a nikon D40 and a D90, but i would not jump them, to heavy/bulky. all the best....
  8. The flat top pro, has never been comfortable, and yeah, as im getting older the neck is starting to suffer a bit, i see allot of other helmet choices out there now, i guess im looking at something like the FF2, Id prefer the vid on top, stills on the front, or stills on top and vid on the side, just putting it out there, im sure someone has made the switch from the flat top pro to one of the other helmets out there. Regards Brycey
  9. ive been using the setup in the pic, can anyone recommend a more lightweight/comfortable helmet than the flat top pro, primary use, Tandem/ 4 way filming, also good lightweight digital slr, thanks... Brycey..... im using an XTI as the stills camera
  10. Here Is my setup: Sony CX-12 .55 wide lens Hypeye D Pro Canon XT 18mm lens\ Toungue switch Time-Out Audible Alti Bonehead flatop pro Newton Sight Tandem\4-Way