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  1. Even at 2.8 with a 14 you have a pretty massive DOF. I shot at 1/60, 160 ISO at around f/20 so you set manual focus just back from infiniti and you pretty much get a DOF where you're in focus from 6 inches to infiniti. I used FCP 7 with no color correction. All shot at Skydive Taft in CA. I would have loved to get some awesome hangout stuff after the day was done but Taft is a pretty quiet DZ and everyone kind of just went home little by little. Nothing really happened haha
  2. Made a short 3 minute video and was hoping I might be able to get some critique from the guys who really know what they're doing. Shot on 5D MkII with a 14 2.8 L. Enjoy! http://vimeo.com/26564441
  3. I have another 20D body that I actually jump. I've been kind of afraid to jump my 7D as it's my main body and I'm a student at a photography school so I'm using it constantly and don't want to hurt it. However, I'm planning on shooting a short doc on skydiving and want to shoot purely DSLR video so I think I'll be jumping it soon. Sans the grip of course.
  4. I just got signed onto solo status last weekend. First solo jump seems reasonable for me to jump a gripped 7D, 580EX II and a 300 F/2.8 L.
  5. Good idea. Luckily it's a 580 EXII so it has about a 190 guide number. With a snoot or maybe even a grid it should have enough power to reach the subject.
  6. I might need a little bit more subject separation but I don't see any other problems with jumping this setup. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1359/5105808500_491e851101_z.jpg
  7. I took a look at some of your youtube stuff and I'd really like to have a chat with you if possible. If you have an email or something I could get I'd appreciate some of your time. Your work is amazing btw.
  8. I'm assuming people have tried shooting video with a 7D or 5D MkII in the past but was wondering if anyone got any decent results with it. Stories, opinions, suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. Its a RAWA Image helmet with the Rawa side mount box. I've tried moving the camera around in the box and it doesn't seem to be moving at all and I'm pretty sure I'm not shaking my head around haha
  10. Hey guys just a quick question. I set my CX 110 to standard image stabilization and seemed to get a small high frequency shake during freefall. Should I turn it onto the advanced setting or just turn it off completely? It's not horrible but noticeable. I can provide footage of the problem if needed. Thanks a ton for the help.
  11. Lol doesn't seem like the community is supporting the whiners too much. Awesome.
  12. "...I thought, You muppet! What was that all about?" Hahaha don't think anything has been described so well.
  13. I jump a full face with the visor removed and some ESS glasses. I like them a TON more than the visor or goggles. I think you can see more, its more comfortable, and even freeflying doesn't shove air into your eyes. I'd recommend it.
  14. Wait until you start jumping a bedsheet and get line twists. Insta-chop!