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  1. I'm a former AFF student who did his D1 AFF jump well over a year ago. I want to start jumping again. Does anyone know if I need to start the entire program over?
  2. I was running convoy security out of Q-West. Good shit!!
  3. Thanks for replies. I talked to a Special Forces Colonel who is now a Doctor and Is HALO qualified. He basically said everything I've heard, with the exception of "The more you jump, the easier it'll get, so dont be a pussy, and jump more." Thanks Doc.
  4. dzfrog

    movie quotes

    oop's, my mistake....Good Fellas, not Casino.
  5. dzfrog

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    " Now go get your F**king shine box" Casino
  6. '06 CBR 600R and some old beat up MX bike. Been riding 18 yrs.
  7. Man!! I hit The anxiety "wall" about a month ago. I'm only on jump 7 in AFF. Cant seem to my butt to the DZ and jump.
  8. It could be a simple lack of hydration problem. You need to drink LOTS of water, esp this time of year. Nausea (and even dry heaves) is one symptom of dehydration. Headache is the next most common problem. If it gets bad enough you'll faint. Fluids such as soft drinks & coffee actually dehydrate you because of the caffeine. You need water or a sports drink with good electrolytes and potassium. You might even need salt supplements if your blood pressure is always really low. Make sure you have enough 'rest time' after the dirt dive to take in some water and cool down before getting on the plane. Too many places schedule it so that you are out there working away and sweating a bunch and scurry you away to the plane without any chance to replenish the water. (This happens on student status as well as big-way record dives. It always diminishes the performances.) I have gone without beer for the last year and have been trying to make up for it.
  9. Hey Jp, Didnt say anything because I'm usually good well before landing. Just happens right after I go from 120mph, to full canopy. But this last jump it lasted to whole way down. I'm planning on being out there next Weds. to do CAT. D1 jump. well talk then.
  10. I just got back from Iraq 2 weeks ago and did my CAT. C jump today(passed with no problems). Any this is my question. Everyone jump I've done, including my first tandem I'm fine during the ride to altitude, exiting the aircraft, frefalling. BUT, when the chute deploys and I'm under canopy, I get this really bad nauseated (sp) feeling and today I actually started seeing stars on the way down. I've been told that it might be that my leg straps are too tight, cutting off blood flow, but was wondering if anyone else has heard of this.
  11. I'm heading back on Weds. Be home for good in Aug.
  12. So I take my cat c class over because I'm deployed to Iraq and obviously cant jump there. I'm more nervous about this one than any other of my many jumps (3). I deploy the pilot chute, look up, and my lines are twisted!!! Holy crap, welcome back to Skydiving. So I do the kick and spin drill and get out of it. My nerves were slightly frazzled when I landed and I found myself asking if this was a sport I really wanted to pursue. Line twists probably arent a big deal to seasoned jumpers, but this was my 4th. Ya, I'm gonna start shopping for a rig today!!!!