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  1. hi, i'm gonna be visiting the US for a spot of skydiving. i've always wanted to visit california and while i'm there get some jumps in too. but....... i've noticed that these two DZ's only go to 12,000. other DZ's i've visited in florida and chicago make at least 14,000. can anyone shed any light on this. many thanks
  2. hi all, just a quick one. does anyone know if perris or eloy do regular balloon jumps. if not are there any US DZ'S that do
  3. hi all. i've just managed to persuade the wife to give me a 2 week pass for a spot of skydiving. can anyone advise on the best place to jump in the US. i will be there for the rirst two weeks of december. i'm not looking for perfect weather but i would like to get alot of jumps in (minimum 5 a day) many thanks
  4. sorry i know it might seem like a simple question but does anyone know how to change the lenses on 'converters'? i've just baught a new pair and they have a spare set of lenses but no instructions. i'm a bit heavy handed so i thought i'd ask.
  5. i was just wondering if anyone can help with a dibate i'm having with a friend.... would two identical canopy's i'e Katana's but different sizes have to same flight caracteristics if loaded the same. eg 170 katana loaded at 1.6 120 katana loaded at 1.6 i'm a big guy my friend is small. i'm thinking that if the canopy's are loaded the same then they'll act the same?????????????????????anyone?????
  6. it was a golf ball for sure (black with skull and crossbone)
  7. dont go expecting the world. UK DZ's are not as friendly as US one's. there's rules, rules everwhere just my opinion!
  8. so do you just drill a hole through one and away we go? i thought they might come ready to stich onto your pilot chute, or as the above thread mentioned hollowed out?????????
  9. i saw a guy's rig today, before i could ask he had gone. his main handle was a golf ball. WHERE CAN YOU BUY THESE? ANYONE?
  10. charly


    i've had a mixed opinion at my dz about my rig so i thought i'd see what others thoughts are i have a brand new mirrage g4 with a pilot 188. the pilot is very tight inside the container and takes some effort to close. i know a 170 will fit in it. BUT is that as small as it will take. what do you think is the smallest canopy before a new container is needed? would i have to change my deployment bag?
  11. i use a bonehead havoc. a bit pricy but the closing ratchet system is great.
  12. does anyone know if skydive spain in seville have the chrismas boogie there every year? same dates? cheers all
  13. thanks for the reply. i've got a g4 so its got the hip rings. i just hope it ent pricy