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  1. cute kids!! I will volunteer to babysit them during the summer Sure u would
  2. hello all! i owend an advance out and there is absolutely nothing to complain about. it's a great rig that fits like a glove, the pin protection is great also and i never had any problems with the container. apart from that, the combination af a speed 150 and a sabre 150 packs small compared to many other rigs on the market! i sold it to a friend about one year ago since he was looking for that canopy combination and he liked the rig. thing is here in germany that it is not so common and therefore i decided to sell it as a package. conclusion: great work from france - that sh*t is dope... keep the great work up...
  3. oh, and a 8-2ext with a sabre 150 and a speed 150!
  4. I jump a 5-2ext with a xfire 129 and a speed 135!
  5. i think it's all about clear lines and shapes and that makes it ieasy for me. thought about having the other one in roval blue instead of the green and some white pinstripes but in the end i took something else... will be posted in here soon. the forrest green etc is quiet and simple, not stylish - but i love it that way! anyway: thank you very much
  6. i have a forrest green/black 5-2 ext with some golden pinstripes... and another navy blue7red with some white pinstripes to arrive
  7. Drop paratec a mail - problem solved and you have the answer. BlueS
  8. Any new ones???? Please
  9. here we go again... i own a wings 5-2 ext that holds a speed 2000 135sft & a crossfire 129 and my rigger would get a speed 2000 150sft in as well (though it's a bit tricky). at wings that container is mader for a pd 126... speed 2000 135 - 248 150 - 266 170 - 307 PD 106 - 153 113 - 288 126 - 296 143 - 338 i'm about to get another wings and it will be a 8-2 or 8-3 ext. wings suggest a pd143/main150 combination but i picked a speed170/sabre150 for my wingsuit stuff. the reserve packs 1 -2 sizes smaller and yes it is more expansive due to the currency. i only recommended the brand cause some in here asked for bigger reserves?! check BlueS
  10. why don't you guys think about the german paratec reserve calles speed 2000? it packs pretty small... about two sizes smaller than the pd reserve!
  11. Ordered my other one yesterday in navy blue with some red and white... pix in here soon! gimme more eye candy!!!
  12. But who would wanna jump it as a reserve???
  13. how does it look like then???
  14. Since quite a few in here want a bigger reserve but a small pack volume I might suggest you to have a look at the Speed2000 reserve from Paratec (German prduct). The Speed2000 is a very reliable canopy that packs pretty small... Just to give you an idea: My Speed2000 135sqf (246 packs about like the normal PD 106R (253 and my Speed2000 150sqf (266 is somewhat between the PD 106R & the PD 113R (288 In other words: The Speed packs about 2 sizes smaller than the "normal" PD reserve - and so does the new Optima (that is limited to 143sqf as of today)... hope this helps?!
  15. Don't you worry - the other one will look completely different and I can't wait to give it a real big hug on arrival...
  16. Here' s mine... It's a W5-2 ext with the combination of a Crossfire2 129 & a Speed2000 135 reserve (which packs like a PD 106R)! Ankie and the staff have done a fantastic job and Scarlett seems to be the right person in her footsteps... Have a closer look at the trim tape thingy! Wings is just great and I'm about to order a 2nd container these days. BlueS