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  1. Because putting a smiley at the end makes it alright? Enjoy your new suit , I'm all for trying different brands etc theres no need for the majority of us to be steadfast supporters of a particular brand ... but that sign off comment is just ridiculous . Why is it that a new ws manufacturer on the block always results in a one-sided online "war" with PF ?
  2. And this one at least already made one comment about it and as a result wanted to reach through my screen and strangle some of the trolls that try to be clever on here , so pretty hesitant to get involved in forum"chat". Ill just say its a very fast starting suit , high glide ,reasonable fast and folds up nicely worth a demo if you can get one .
  3. There you go Murcia , by the way wasn't my point of the post to start a brand war etc. and i actually fly PF suits myself .....
  4. and what differences do you see between the P2 and the Phantom edge , havoc and havoc carve , Aura and aura 2 ? but they are all radically different/improved All the features that you mentioned are critical for what the Ridge is specifically designed for i.e.. jumps in the high mountains where storage for climbing ropes and equipment is needed. I think its very unfair to say 'copied' anymore as we are all aware there is only so much they can do with the human frame , all suits 'kind of' look similar nowadays and i thought we where past this kind of argument . From not having flown it i can't provide anymore input really apart from the start on the ridge is without doubt the best out there so something has obviously been designed differently ;-) Back on topic again i have flown the hawk and while it is still a bit crinkly its not what the suits used to be and is a very fun suit...
  5. Very popular on French DZ's (french brand) and they double as sunglasses but if your just using them for goggles they're not worth the price tag...but they work just fine ...Personally i think they look hideous
  6. Adding fuel to the convo for giggles just recieved my v-race 2weeks earlier than expected and the only complaint is that I have to wait until tomorrow to jump it :-) On the whole s-fly thing , don't understand why you need to be french to fly it , demoed a hawk this summer and it's a awesome suit very responsive also got to see the prototype of the new suit a few times and it's def one to consider the start is amazing . ! Maybe s-fly need to improve their marketing though to world wide audience :-)
  7. Hi Chris just recieved your private message , very nice well done. I knew it was a mistake to post in this thread seeing how its progressed since then gives a good indication , see people like you here in europe all the time and im sure its your intention to come across , given that youve got the biggest suit you can straight away so ill be on the look out for a douchebag called chris and make sure im never on the same point as you because your an accident waiting to happen. P.S. im not a coach , never claimed to be but ive never experianced anything of this sort in 300 ws skydives and 300 wsBase jumps , flying phantom and vampires (obviously far from the most experianced flyer either , just someone having fun flying) and i know at least one well known base flyer had posted in this forum because he obviously has the same concern. Obviously someone has to be a big name coach for you to take notice , oh no you fxxcked them off as well . PPS i havnt read through the posts thourghly enough to see if you actually did post your jump numbers as well but i actually think its irelevant you could have 2000 ws jumps for all i care if you spent them planking , you may as well have stayed in bed .
  8. im completley amazed at the way this thread has gone ....! people actually giving advice about relative winds presentation blah blah yes of course a perfect exit would have been ideal for you but stuff happens and this was not a scary exit but a scary reaction a simple barrell roll back onto you plain of axis and you would have been good to go. Instead of losing alot of altitude un-intentially and scaring yourself (by the sounds of it) . Learning to fly your body and aggressive maneuvores in smaller wingsuits is the way to go my friend , also alot more fun.
  9. Just extra food for thought as well from a anon internet guy , since your talking about looking to WS BASE and obviously not thinking of P3 as suitable, why not? i spent my 1st wsbase season and half (130 jumps in 3 countries) on a P2R and still kind of miss it from being forgiving of poor exits at the beginning to buzzing the switchback later on and opening high consistantly over the ITW landing area , so much fun. Unless your constantly jumping ie: live in the mountains (which i now do :-) ) dont think you'll ever need another suit apart from the p3. But thats just my POV. Regarding the stability and acro , ive always enjoyed throwing the suits around much more fun than planking and in the last 6 months ive done much more skydiving than in recent years combined and think its really helped with my big suit flying as well (although my distance flying still not as good as it could be ) . So just have fun flying really :-) Graeme
  10. Frode was flying his v3 and kicked ass , there were x2s in the competition also Tony was there flying his fusion but outside the comp ( not enough BASE jumps ) posting good times but not comparable to Frode and Ronny etc.
  11. let the shit-throwing begin, you trolls Wondering why all the shit throwing posts are always aimed at PF ? Perhaps little bit of jealousy there...