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  1. I have a friend getting married in New Orleans in 3 weeks. Any one on here ordained to perform a ceremony? The cheapest they can find is one for $500 and are not having any luck with judges wanting to perform one on a Saturday. thanks! ~Always do stupid things safely~
  2. $40 registration. $25 jump tickets. with your registration it includes free beer after jumping is done (good beer), catered meal Friday night, BBQ meal Saturday night and a chance to party like you did in your college days :) ~Always do stupid things safely~
  3. looks like you have definatly overcome your obstacles, now if only overcoming bad spotting was as easy congrats! ~Always do stupid things safely~
  4. I think it would be very funny to lock this forum for 6 hours to see what GooniesKid ends up humping other than this forum *serious reply-work manifest, if you like it great, if not..quit and drink beer ~Always do stupid things safely~
  5. I had troubles with my legs spinning me as well. It helped me to just jump with the instructor and not do anything, i think we even played rock paper scissors once, point is to distract your self and let your memory control work. Try walking and think "left, right, left right," chance are you'll look stupid, uncoordinated. plus its just fun to fall and think "wow, this is really happening right now" good job on the cut away! ~Always do stupid things safely~
  6. "Along Came Polly"... this was the greatest post i've read in a while. thanks! ~Always do stupid things safely~
  7. "impossible" "like fort knox"- falls into the category of 'What not to say to a BASE jumper' ~Always do stupid things safely~
  8. THis is an april fools joke right? ~Always do stupid things safely~
  9. back in my student days i jumped a 260 w/l at 0.3 my wind limit was 7mph otherwise i would land backwards and i wouldnt need to flare. when instinc took over and i did flare, i'd float 4ft. I did enjoy the 10 minute canopy ride though :) ~Always do stupid things safely~
  10. thank you so much for your advice!! ~Always do stupid things safely~
  11. I primarily do FF but would do belly depending on others who want to jump. I would be traveling by train ( i think) . my sister who lives in Cholchester,Essex has seen parachutes about 1 mile North West of her house, most likly landing in a field outside of town. Do you know how i can get hooked up with that?!!? ~Always do stupid things safely~
  12. I'm visiting my sister in Colchester,essex in April and want to make a skydive there! Can anyone recommend a close DZ to there? ~Always do stupid things safely~
  13. I"m attending a camp in July. I never had any intention of teaching or commiting to memory any out dated skills, just wanted a fun read. thanks for all input
  14. If you want it bad enough you can make it happen. No motion in the neck> then jump solo, at a small DZ with little canopy traffic. Hard openings/ landing? upsize to a very large Sabre2( softest openings i've ever had) and great flare for landing. And of course i dont have to tell you the most important part of skydiving is the beer and S*** talking afterwards :) Heal fast! ~Always do stupid things safely~
  15. looks awesome! when is it expected out for sale? ~Always do stupid things safely~