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  1. With about 80 jumps I decided to purchase a Tonysuits Pit Special. I received it exactly when they said I should. It flies like a dream. With this suit I can fly consistently and control my fall rate. I can make smooth turns, or snappy ones with the powerful booties and slick surface. I caused a small hole in the front of the suit (purely my fault), and when i stopped in at Tonysuits while jumping at Zhills, they fixed it for free, no questions asked! I've made hundreds of jumps with my Pit Special, and I am very happy. It fits nicely, stands up to rough landings and hard tugs while in tubes, shredders, etc. I am very happy to have chosen it! I asked them to rebuild the booties after slightly off measurements, and they had them rebuilt from the knees down, brand new and in the mail in literally THREE DAYS! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, rugged workmanship and Tony himself is more than happy to help!!!
  2. I have 150+ openings on my Sabre 150 at a 1.25 W/L. It always provides a consistent opening, reliable flight and gentle landing. I have even had to dig myself out of low flares and fast approaches, and I can always count on it. Many people talk of Sabre's "hard openings," but I've never had one that hurt, just a couple quicker than normal. If you pack and deploy consistently and stable, then it will open nicely. I've jumped it with a camera and had no problems. It's great in turbulence. The toggle and riser pressure and response is nice, and I am enjoying every flight on it! Not a single complaint here. And hey, I got a sweet deal on it!
  3. I would suggest calling the manufacturer of the container and PISA (the Tempo) manufacturer for info. Here's a little info for you: According to the Tempo user manual I have in front of me right now, the Tempo 170 is listed as 338 cubic inches. Cielos Azules
  4. Just hang onto it while under canopy Enjoy the one GB slaps on there for you!!!! :-D
  5. I spoke with a sales rep today in Zephyrhills and she said about 7 months.
  6. You could have someone with a lot of experience with sewing/clothing making sew fabric over the grippers to change their color. A lot of riggers would be willing to do this as well.
  7. FlyinRyan86


    I began Skydiving at a Cessna DZ in NY before I switched to Jumptown to finish my student jumps. I now call Jumptown my home DZ. They have the friendliest, most helpful, experienced staff around! There is always someone willing to jump with me, even though I am new to the sport. I learn a lot on EVERY skydive with these people, whether it's tips on making the point, or exactly what happens when you're late on exit! When the weather isn't jumpable, stick around and listen to stories, work on that rating you have been meaning to, watch Skydiving videos on the big screen or grab a beer and hang out at the fire (of course only when the plane's tied down)! FOR FIRST TIMERS: they have very experienced tandem masters, camera people and the pilot is great! JUMPTOWN, couldn't say a bad thing about it!
  8. I jumped a PD 9 cell on my fourth jump (and again after). This was my first stand-up landing. It was very easy to control and fly. As others have said, the forward speed is weak. I literally hung in the air for at least a minute or two longer than with other canopies of equal size (due to WL). But for beginners, this canopy couldn't be better! Of course the WL could be increased for improved control, flare and speed--this would make for an even sweeter ride. Thanks PD