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  1. I think the best I would be able to do is a giant stick figure with two circles
  2. I have an extended one ton dodge van with a white roof approx 20'x8'. I am looking for ideas to paint the roof with something that will be visible in the pattern from 1000 feet. The more obscene the better. I wish I was a bit more creative, but all I can think of is a 20' penis. Surely the internet can come up with something better. Ideas?
  3. Out of interest, what's your GL experience? You're making some pretty massive generalisations and then giving those out as advice. haven't broke myself yet, do you disagree with my generalizations?
  4. if you make the launch it will go. with a skydiving canopy just go ahead attach the toggles to the risers (don't set brakes), you won't be using those. the launch will be dangerous, make it as low consequence as possible. Most important: take video!
  5. Wouldn't work. No matter how fast you ran on flat ground as soon as you jumped up you would come right back down. If the winds were too strong you would just get blown backwards. Ways to get around this would be either stand on the side of the mountain where the wind is blowing up the slope of have a buddy hold onto you and hope for a really strong wind. You could fly if he held on to your chest strap and the wind got strong enough.
  6. Thanks for sharing, you bring up some good valid points. Between the Sabre I 150 and CF169 I will stick with the fact I can get the Sabre I to dive longer, but I will concede that you can def get a larger canopy to have a longer recovery arc then a smaller canopy with a more conservative planform. (I also fly a Bullet 14m ~150sq ft that has a recovery arc that rides on rails). I guess the question becomes whats dangerous to us new skydivers, a long recovery arc or a quick low turn to avoid, traffic/object etc on a twitchier canopy C. Some reasons for differences in performance between large and small canopies: 1. Turns: In general, the smaller the canopy, the shorter the lines. Its true that two proportionally scaled canopies may have similar full glide speed at the same wing loadings, but they turn very differently. The big canopy, with its long lines, has relatively sluggish reaction to the controls, and the small canopy has relatively quick reaction to the controls. This is due to the fact that the large canopy must move the jumper a much greater distance out to the side, in order to achieve a certain bank angle needed for any given turn rate. This means that the smaller version of a canopy will feel much more agile, even if flown at the same wing loading. 2. Flaring: A dynamic flare is one that results in a change in flight direction from a descending path to one parallel with the ground. This requires a change in the angle of the canopy, when viewed from the side. (Initially, the amount of the angle change is about equal to the angular change of the flight path.) This angle change is accomplished using toggle a movement that causes the jumper to move out in front of his natural hanging place under the canopy. The long lines of a big canopy require the jumper to be moved a greater distance out in front to achieve the same angle. Shorter lines mean that the jumper doesn’t need to move as great a distance forward to achieve the same angle. This means the toggle movement must be more aggressive on the larger canopy, compared to the smaller canopy, even at the same wing loading. 3. For similar reasons to those above, the smaller canopy will also dive more in hard turns, when compared to a larger scaled canopy, even when flown at the same wing loading. II. General Concepts that are frequently misunderstood A. Different canopy models of the same size may perform differently, but they will fly approximately the same speed. Wing loading is the biggest determinant of speed. A Stiletto 190 is not really faster than a Sabre 190, or even a PD 190! Other aspects of performance will be different, however. (Turn rate, glide angle, etc.) These differences may influence a person’s impression of speed.
  7. No way. At thsese lower wingloadings I feel size matters most in my perception of how a cnopy flies. The speed flying straight should in theory be the same. A CF has a longer recovery arc but I feel between a 190 and a 170 especially, size makes a larger difference. My personal experience is exactly as stated comparing a CF2169 to a Sabre I 150 Willing to listen to your thoughts on the issue. www.performancedesigns.com/docs/wingload.pdf Interesting reading
  8. yeah exactly what I mean. In my experience size first then planform. So a Sabre 150 is going to dive a lot more then a CF 170. Obviously a CF 170 whill dive more then a sabre2/pilot/safire 170.
  9. or demo my canopy for free at your home DZ! I weigh the same exact as you and my first canopy was a spectre 190 as well. Made the transition to CF2 169.
  10. Installed the CHDK hack on my Canon 870IS. This is the shiz, everyone should do this! Maybe not so useful for skydiving, but loving the new found program for my camera.
  11. You are right small canopy at that number of jumps may equal pain. But thats not really the point. This forum is being destroyed by the banter you see in the 10 posts preceding this. Moderators are put in place on almost any message board worth reading so not every topic disintegrates into personal attacks and arguing. It would be nice if there could be better theoretical discussion. If someone makes a post "Am I ready to downsize" then flame away. Dave's comment "Fuck You" I mean come on! Tearing apart everyone's post with quotes? It just ruins the integrity of the forum, even if he does mean well. Anyways I am going back to lurking, heres to improving the quality of posts!
  12. Thanks for making a relavant post. On any other forum Dave's behavior would not be acceptable. Hijacking a thread and then chastising an anonymous poster, would get you booted from any other internet forum. Whether you are right or wrong the dialog ruins any interesting conversation about canopies. In fact this entire forum is ruined by posters that interrogate everyone and therefore prevent most valid discussion about any flight characteristics. Usually moderators prevent forums from heading down this path. Sadly do dz.com the moderators are participating instead of helping this issue. Too bad really.
  13. I already have a spectre 190 that I got a good deal on, so now I just need to pick up a container and reserve. I think the v350/v352 will work because in a few years I may decide to move down to a 170. They are sized for the same canopies only difference is the dimensions was is skinnier in the width and thicker the other is wider in the width and flatter in profile. That the real size issue I have.
  14. I will be picking up a new vector 3. I am curious on thoughts concerning getting a wider vs thicker container. For example v350 vs v352. One is 10 and 12 inches wide and 5.5 thick and the other is 12 and 14 and 4.25. I am a bigger guy 6'3 with plenty of real estate on my back. What considerations are important concerning these measurements. I am a long ways off from getting a wingsuit, but could def see it in my future so was leaning towards the lower profile.