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  1. I was talking about the Punta Gorda one, but Im going to hit up that boogie too. www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  2. Anybody on DZ.com jump out there? ( www.skydiveswflorida.com ) Im going down to Ft Myers to do some work for a week or two. This DZ is about 20 minutes away from where I'll be working! Just wondering if your able to see the gulf of mexico from altitude or not at this particular DZ. I think that would be a great sight at altitude. If you cant see it, I may travel to some of the east side Florida DZ's on the Atlantic side if I have time. Either way it'll be nice to get some jumps and get out of Ohio winter for a bit :) ~Blues www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  3. yes its just a very slow loading swf, it'll work .. just give it about 3 minutes then hit the F5 key to refresh the page, depending on how crappy your internet connect or patience is.... as to the actual trackball game itself the OP is describing in this animation.. no comment www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  4. I dunno, I'd imagine it would be good practice. I've pulled my reserve on every repack as if I was dealing with a malfunction, even as far as having my rigger push me about semi-violently while trying to perform my EP's. And so far the one time I've had to use my reserve my EP's came off clean and saved my life, but, does that mean I was only mentally prepared or only using muscle memory, or both.... hard to say. Probably a combination of both in regard to the ratio of my experience I.E. I've imagined my EP's way more times than I've actually fully performed my EP's to totality. The walk-through of our EP's we all imagine on our way up to altitude is mainly for mental attenuation. But true muscle memory is only built up by actually doing something repeatedly using those precise muscles. So sure just by thinking through it, visualizing each step, you'll be training your mind. So I'd imagine it wouldn't hurt to have the physical part practiced at every chance you get, via repack time. Every good ninja knows you must train both your body and your mind. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a ninja. www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  5. When I was learning to play piano, I would practice 30 minutes a day every day. Ultimately building muscle memory to the point that I could play songs with out looking at the keys or with my eyes closed. In skydiving you have 30 seconds each jump to develop the same muscle memory skills and reaction times. Not much time to develop the muscle memory skills necessary to save your life instinctively. Thats just another point aside from it being distracting, which it really is very distracting, as to why you should wait to jump a camera. Everyone is in such a big hurry all the time. Slow down, enjoy jumping. At some point you have to ask yourself if your jumping for your own enjoyment or just to tell your friends about it and post your vids of an empty blue sky on facebook. www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  6. WHAT?! can you repeat that?! lol, sorry had to.. Hearing loss is no joking matter though on the serious side. My DZ has a bucket of earplugs by the manifest computer in the gear room, check if your on a load grab some ear plugs and go. I should use them but havn't yet. I mean to each time though Also I dont know the exact decibel numbers but a turbine craft definitely sounds louder and higher pitched than a piston 182. So might be more of a consideration if your jumping a turbine all day since its a louder craft overall. ETA: If its a concern for someone riding a motorcycle at 60MPH probably a concern for skydivers going double that...nifty article below http://t-gone.com/tinnitus-tinnitis/2319/does-wind-noise-from-riding-a-motorcycle-cause-tinnitus/ www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  7. Ha! Sure did, He did a great job selling it to me as it was the first rig I purchased. He is local to me so got to try it on and compare it to other rigs he had on hand and it was a perfect fit! Its got a Pilot 168/Smart 160 whole setup and had like 150 jumps on it.. Old packing card was from out west either New Mexico or Arizona one of the two. Still have it somewhere I think. If it was yours, thank you for taking such immaculate care of it! People are always asking if I got it new. And those riser tabs rock! Great for stowing the slider and getting those risers further apart :) One mod that I had added after the fact that I forgot to mention is the leg strap bungee. Made a big difference in the feel down south on the way to altitude. Not only is my waist skinny, but I have twig-like legs too (Im a programmer/designer give me a break ). On the way up depending on my sitting position I would be tugging my leg straps back up occasionally, so I didn't fell comfortable free-flying until I got the bungee. Its a really simple mod and only cost me around the $15 mark, well worth it. The type of articulation ring that Wings uses (the full circle ring) seems to let the leg straps achieve slightly more rotational motion than the articulation on say a Javelin (downward facing "D" Ring, Wings however lacks the chest articulation). It is very comfortable with articulation and I believe it puts less stress on your MLW due to no twisting or kinking when you move. I would recommend it from my limited experience. www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  8. I love my Wings W-9! Super comfy and perfect fitting. Absolutely love the Freefly PUD handle. Knowing you have that extra security from a premie is great when freeflying. For me I am skinny as hell at the hips and without the cut in laterals it is not nearly as comfortable as rigs I've jumped without cut in lats. Feels like I get less rig shift. +1 for the collapsible pilot chute, not just because of looking like AFF-style but because of the extra drag. I like my low profile d-ring. It's in the perfect place for me and in better position for those taking grips, feels more secure. Cant comment on the spacer foam as I dont have any. What d123 says about the riser hard housings is VERY TRUE. I had discovered a rigger mis-routed those when I inspected my rig after its repack this year. If this happens gently make holes as described in the Owners Manual. It is easy to miss, but also easy to check if its done right. Check your rig after every re-pack. I have a cordura BOC and have had no problems with it. If I have it packed I show the packers how I like certain things done on my rig and I tip them so I make sure they stick to it. If I am unsure there's no harm in taking an extra 2 minutes to double check your pilot chute. With freefly pud and cordura BOC I use the Brian Germain method of pilot chute packing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axCeYlY_6io. I know of one person personally getting a total with a spandex BOC. So I just make sure its packed the way I want it. If I miss a load because I took 2 min to check something, no sweat off my back. Enjoy your Wings container, I get comments all the time about how nice it looks, etc, however you cant beat the feeling you get knowing you are secure in your rig. I'd make my next rig a wings however I do want to try on a Mirage and Icon for comparison, I've been looking at those for a while too www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  9. I jump at two different DZs with completely different vibes, the one is outstanding I always get to jump with groups every jump and I learn something new all the time. At the other DZ I am mostly load filler with a tandem in a 182 going solo most of the time and typically have the whole sky to myself. What I love is after a weekend of jumping in groups, during the week I jump the other DZ solo and work on any areas that I feel need worked on. On a solo there is not a point of reference but pretending someone is there and going through the motions does seem to help. And when you vary your fall rate you should FEEL yourself flying faster or slower, I do a little. For me it just a great chance to practice different techniques that I'd like to employ in my weekend group jumps. Seems the weekday solo jumps improved my RW incredibly and I also learned to do a controlled Sitfly that I can fly in groups and am currently working on cartwheel transitions to head down solo. Also if the winds are right I love to pull high and just take up the whole solo with canopy work, really see how far I can push that canopy up high. There is always plenty to do on a solo jump!
  10. Skyvan in ohio! Between August 6th till August 15th we will be hosting a Skyvan at Canton-Airsports.com. Mark Vickers will be pilot for us. Activities and food during the day on the two weekends and $25 lift tickets for the Skyvan. Bonfire at night on the two weekends and ample camping is available. www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  11. That would work as well. Only one DZ I work with accepts skyride the other two 'home' DZ's don't. I dont really jump at the skyride dz much anymore because its not really a place to get some good fun jumps organized. With them ceasing acceptance of sr certificates, that is just something thats part of the process, partly. In some instances now for searches, skyride doesn't show up until the second page of results due to the multiple DZ pages I had boosted up in ranking (remember when a DZ page goes up the other pages around it go down a few notches only 10 results max on the first page). So for the DZ that still accepts skyride, the amount of inexperienced jumpers buying via skyride vs buying direct from the DZ has seen about a 75% drop in the 2 years I've been handling their marketing. And the amount of skyride customers are consistently getting fewer and fewer as I diversify the key phrase reach for the DZ's in this area. Its akin to turning the gusher of a hole in this dam, into at least a trickle. Which to me might not be a complete solution, but a step in the right direction in regard to reducing skyrides profiting/pirating off of our sport. www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321
  12. I would rather be pro-active in my kicking of ass. Instead of boycotting a DZ, help them obtain a better position to outrank skyride websites so they do not have to rely on skyride to make money. If every DZ did this then skyride would lose untold amounts of money. As previously noted those kinds of DZ's stay open from the tandem traffic so experienced jumpers not jumping there does very little to absolutely nothing becasue skyride still makes money from the tandems. Suing skyride takes a little bit of money from them but long term does nothing because they can just open back up in a different form under a different entity. With my jump numbers Im not here claiming to be a skydiving expert. And with my years in the sport I may not know the whole history of skyride. But I will claim to be an expert with seo, and combating skyride style tactics in an online arena. www.apt3studios.com www.musicpromotiononline.com www.internetcafegaming.com D.S. # 4321