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  1. I read that once Leopard 2 tanks are fueled and armed the weight difference isn't really a issue?
  2. First jump on second hand Havok, in winter gloves. Had previous experience on demo Havok Carve & had been jumping a V4 fairly regularly at time. But first time in own wrist to ankle suit. Exited at 15k and stettled into flight pattern, barrel rolls, slow flight, bit of back fly but stupidly zero practice pulls. 5k orientate myself for pull, around 4.5k shut down wings (didn't keep elbows forward ) grabbed pud but couldn't pull as wing covering, 3 attempts before for silver at 2k ish. Only good thing I did was fly to decent area for free-bag recovery /reserve ride.
  3. I have had hoya polarizing filter on gopro4 black & it takes great stills, never had any issues with it.
  4. Audi, especially the SLine & RS versions.
  5. Lots of different grades of stainless steel (50 I think) some are slightly magnetic, other process can make it more so...wielding etc Had issue with a ebay sellers 'stainless steel ' bumper for my pickup truck which was VERY magnetic , got local scrap yard to gun it with handheld x-ray machine showing it was a cheap chrome iron. Your fridge magnets should not stick on stainless.
  6. Thanks again all. Only have one jump on a demo carve ( suit size probably a little bit to large for me) but really liked it. Super stable & even managed a little back fly + hands free with lots of power.
  7. What's the difference between Havoc & Havoc Carve ??
  8. Ended up ordering Hero4 black, online bike chain (Halfords) doing 15 % off already good price.
  9. Ricoh WG-M1, anybody had experience with this camera ?
  10. Thinking of finally replacing my gopro hd960. I want to shoot lucky dip stills of jumps/fishing/adventures with kids, not really interested in video. 5mp is ok for facebook etc, but once in a while I get a decent pic & wish it was higher quality. Any advise on suitable make/models greatly appreciated. Thinking maybe gopro 3+ silver...]
  11. I struggle to see mudflap alti in factory diver full face.
  12. Had a another issue with my unit, which Michael at Flysight sorted & updated for glide ratio FOC. Great customer service ! Finally got to jump with it on Saturday & it works really well, sadly didn't get any better 2.0 on V4
  13. This Lamborghini Miura & then the AC Cobra.