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  1. Thanks will check out the link. Fun banned in NYC? Dammed OH&S nazis. Anywhere AROUND NYC The ranch, long island. Anywhere with hire gear. Might have do the car or motorbike hire again.....based on the cab ride from the airport this arvo that could be amost as much a buzz in itself...
  2. Anyone jumping around New York this week? Am staying near times square and would love to try and get a few jumps in somewhere. Happy to pay fuel & beer if anyone in the area is going skydiving wed->sat this week?
  3. Cheers guys. :) I think it might be easiest if I hire a car for the day. (More time for jumping. :))
  4. G'day, Anyone going to Skydance tomorrow from SanFran? (Or any DZ open tomorrow that has hire-gear.) Or knows what bus to catch from the Fishermans Wharf area? Am googling my ass off and only coming up with tour-bus results. Cheers, Doug
  5. Yup the movie was f**kin gold! Roofie's, chinese gangs and stealing pussy from Tyson are out. Just wondering if there was any "must do" clubs/places in Vegas for a bucks night. No plans at all so far. (Figure you guys would know better than google.) The bride seems to think that we'll be meeting up with the Hen's party at the end of the night. That's on the same list as the roofies.
  6. A mate getting married in Las Vegas in May 2010. (None of us having been to the US before.) I figured this would be a good place to ask for idea's on places to take/carry/drag him. Buck's Night will be a tuesday night, 2 days before the wedding. So he'll have a day to recover/post bail. Any suggestions?
  7. Sounds like with time and taking it easy/following the advice you should be fine. Over the years (inc. motorbikes and sports other than skydiving) I've smashed up both my knees to the point of having both bone and cartilage removed. (With my knee swelling to the size of my thigh.) I can't say what would work for you to speed up recovery. But what has worked for me is taking glucosamine & chondroitin along with cod liver oil to help the joints. I also did/do a lot of walking at the beach, low impact on the joint, but you can still keep the muscles and ligaments strong. (If that's too much walk laps of a swimming pool.)
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8PCuh6eZeQ
  9. Well I had an absolute blast in the tunnel on saturday. Still grinning from ear to ear. Did 70min worth over about 4hrs. Before putting the wings on I started of with 5 x 2 min flat. Then 5 x 2 min back flying and goofing off. Put the wings on and did a 2min session, no worries at all, felt comfortable straight away. Then did a 5min session where I messed about as if I was filming RW's (flat) then tandems (hanging off the wings) which I got recorded onto dvd. Was great to be able spend more than just 60sec trying to get a feel for the wings and not have to think about everything else associated with a skydive and just focus on what I was doing. Learn sh*tloads and had absolute ball. Came out with a few bruises, but that was from being a clown backflying. F**k I'm sore today.
  10. Appreciate the feedback guys. Have done about 20 jumps so far filming 4 ways etc. and been getting advice n feedback from the experienced crew at the DZ. (No ringsight, just a marker on the googles.) Have done a few solo's learning how camera wings work, but with no relative reference to know what's doing what so to say, I just thought that since I have the chance to play in a tunnel it could be a good way to learn. I'll definately do some time first without the wings as I did wonder about how much more likely I'd be to pinball around the tunnel walls. Will most likely come back with a few bruises, but that'll be half the fun. Cheers, Doug
  11. Gonna go play in a tunnel next weekend. Learning how to fly camera.....so I was wondering.....why not get some practice flying camera wings in the tunnel? Hadn't found anything on DZ about it....any reason not to?
  12. Check you are zoomed all the way out. If you have accidentally left the camera zoomed in slightly, you won't be able to set the manual focus that short.
  13. Awesome! Great to see that OH&S hasn't turned everyone soft. Exactly. Same goes for any sport or advances in any field, from science to politics.
  14. Thank god our forefathers didn't think like we do now! Else we'd all be drinking warm beer and walking around singing 'god save the queen'.