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  1. Terry: I was looking through some boxes in the loft, and I found a set of R-3s, new and still in the bag. You could get rid of the shot and a halfs and still use the H/C. I also have some other new stock releases that are replacements for the 1.5s.
  2. Howard: The para-sail picture looks like the Greene County Cleveland DZ that was at Hartsfield, SE of Cleveland. Mike Pagett was the DZO. I don't think the other 4 pics were taken at the same place. Jerry
  3. When I saw the thread about the Mansfield DZ, I thought, "Hey, I have pictures from there!" The Mansfield, MA DZ was open in (help me Howard) the late 60s - early 70s, and then again in 77-79. Here are some pics from the later DZ - unless I can't figure this stuff out!
  4. Hey Howard, how the hell ya doin? I think you made a jump or two out of this plane. It got twisted up at Duanesburg a long time ago.