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  1. I bought one in 1977 from Tom Manship (rip). Top was full of patches from the original reefing system.
  2. Doc, Check out this picture of Scott Moore from 1980. Wife number ?
  3. Can't really tell, all the white guys looked the same back then.
  4. Nope, I'm taking the picture from the rotating beacon tower.
  5. I found some old slides from Decatur, Texas 1980. This guy's face looks familiar but I can't think of his name.
  6. 7,200 or 7,500 was a 'high' jump back then.
  7. Looks like a young Doc Stewart to me.
  8. The Star Light Inn. I remember when Ed Lynn's mother worked there in 1976 or so. We'd hang out there after jumping -no where else to go back then Decatur was small and 'out of the way' 33 years ago. Man, I was 21 and have some great memories from those few years. Didn't have any money, no future, no plans, nothing but parachute jumping - its all I had back then. But when I think about it - life was pretty fucking simple - no problems just young and stupid. Glad you were taking so many pictures and athnks for sharing them they sure bring back some stuff.
  9. I owned a 27' Russian in the mid 70's. The canopy is made from 3 types of of material. I packed mine in a Green County POD and stowed the slack center lines at the connector links. The rate of descent is higher than a MK1. It was my favorite canopy.
  10. I agree. Its not a midget - its just a little som' bitch. Here's a midget we trained. look how he's struggling with his arch. Very sad.
  11. would that be categorized as a skydiving death or an aviation fatality? Either way at least he died a midget warrior death.
  12. We think a bird must have grabbed him and flew off.
  13. In the days before wind tunnels we built a a 'midget launcher' to get them some free fall time. It was like a big sling shot and we would shoot them over the t-hangers into the pea gravel. We were launching them two at a time if they were small enough. They'd squeal and grab at each other all the way. They carried MA-1's to slow down the landing a bit. I got out of hand when we made a second launcher and were launching them them directly at each other at night. We shot one straight up and never found him.