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  1. Printing R&D Engineer for a film manufacturer Muff Brother #4026 Loco Zapatos Rodriguez SCR #14793
  2. 1. Get my A license 2. Get a rig 3. Improve my canopy skills 4. 100+ jumps 5. Try some freeflying 6. Have fun 7. Bring someone else into the sport 8. Get some tunnel time along the way Muff Brother #4026 Loco Zapatos Rodriguez SCR #14793
  3. Thanks. I only get to jump about once a month right now due to time and financial commitments. Hopefully that will change at the beginning of next year. Muff Brother #4026 Loco Zapatos Rodriguez SCR #14793
  4. I've been checking out the forums for a while now and figured it was about time I said hi to everyone. After wanting to do this for about 10 years I finally made my first AFF jump a few months ago. I'm currently AFF level 3 and will be going for 4 this weekend. I've had a great experience with the sport so far and hope that it continues. I look forward to learning all I can from everyone out there.