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  1. tonka


    Usually jump a Competition Cobalt 85. Demoed a Katana 97 and 83. 83 opened and flew much better. Basically it flies better at 1.9-2.0+ Put 25 jumps on each canopy. Review is based on the Katana 83. Packing- Trash pack. Shake it out-No flaking. Shuffle nose in a little bit. Pull slider Out Opening- Sweet smooth on heading. Not too fast but not slow. Never wanted to spin up or jerk me around. Easy to steer during snivel using harness unput. Smooth opening for such an agressive canopy. Flight- Very steep trim. Canopy wants to be on the ground. Long spots are a little trouble because it still sinks in brakes or on rears. Cant hang out and wait for others to land- Falls out of the sky too fast. Very stable and fun to fly. Fairly hard to stall using toggles. Hard to stall on rear risers. Not super fast responsive but thats good. Makes for smooth flying. Any more responsive would be too much on such an agressive canopy. Landing- Very light front riser pressure and moderate rear riser pressure. Harder to plane out using rears that my Competition Cobalt. Keeps speed and a dive very well. Swooping into the wind is no problem- Cuts right through the wind. On the 83 loaded at 2.0+ started 360 turn at 800-1000ft. Dives like crazy. Come out of turn at 200+ feet and put pressure on rears right away. Planes out very nicely on rears using this technique. If you are late on the rears use toggles because it will not plane out right away on rear risers. Can hold double fronts to keep in a dive if needed. Not a forgiving canopy. Has good flare. Not quite as much flare as my Cobalt and Competition Cobalt. At higher speeds and correct dive altitudes there is much more flare. Lower speed- Decent flare. (Enough to have a nice stand up but you can feel the need for more) Low turn=Not much stopping power. Dont do it because you will not pull it out of the dive even if you are deep on the toggles. 270 turn worked best for me. @600+ft Whether doing a slow carve or a fast dive swoops are great. Fast dive and then hard on rears makes for super fast swoop. Carve makes for a long smooth and fast swoop. Had to do an aviodance braked approach and landing. Landed much better than expected. Almost half brakes until full flare and it still landed me softly. Canopy can be jerky if the transition from rears to toggles is not smooth. Just fly it smoothly. Jerky Motions(Rears and toggles)=Loss of speed and shoter swoop. Not much or really any running out landings. Flies until its almost stopped. Overall- Awesome canopy. Swoop machine. If you like to open low then the spot better be good because you will be on the ground shortly. Most agressive canopy I have flown. Approaching the dive and long recovery of the Velocity. Great canopy to try with 750+ jumps and good canopy control and progression. Not a good idea if you are not current or dont have the swoops mastered on something else. Competition Cobalt is a good transition canopy to the Katana. Main negative aspect is that it doesnt fly as well at slow speeds as my Competition Cobalt. The Cobalt will continue to fly going slow and keep gliding at that slow speed. (End of a swoop) Once the Katana starts to die out it will lose the speed and the swoop is over. Still flies well at that slow speed but comes to a stop sooner. Swoops were longer in distance but seemed shorter in time than my Cobalt. Meaning it is much faster and covers ground in a swoop very fast. Great product from the best in the biz. A+ Canopy
  2. tonka


    Just purchased a Cobalt 95. I load it at 1.7:1. This canopy is very fast and responsive on toggles and risers. The openings are awesome if packed correctly. The best part of the canopy is the very light front riser pressure and massive amounts of flare. It can be made to stay in a dive longer than you would think using double fronts. Canopy builds up tons of speed using front or rear risers making for a nice fast landing. Canopy flies solid at slow speeds so you get a good surf and don't have to put your feet down till you are almost stopped. :) I can even fly it straight in from 1000ft and land it nice and soft. Canopy is very stable in flight and extremely hard to stall. It flies very solid and smooth...not bumpy, jerky, or drifting around. At lighter wing loadings this is a great beginner canopy and at higher loadings I have seen some awesome swoops. Canopy is very forgiving for an elliptical with its powerful flare. It flies and lands much like a Saber2 on steroids. Only other HP canopies I have flown include a Flight Concepts Rage 107 and a PD Vengeance 97. The cobalt out performs them both especially with the light front riser pressure and flare. I am a Cobalt fan for life now. Buy a Cobalt you will love it. Now I just cant wait to put several hundred jumps on it and then try my Competition Cobalt 85. Have put several hundred jumps on my Competition Cobalt 85. Awesome canopy. Dives more than a cobalt but not as much as expected. Almost a 2.0wl Planes out great using rears and glides so smooth. No running out landings. Can fly very flat in brakes and is soooo hard to stall. Doesnt dive quite like a Katana but it compares. No spot is too long. Always make it back to the landing area. Opens sweet. Almost always soft on heading openings. Great canopy.
  3. tonka

    Skydive Taft

    Skydive Taft is a top notch facility with a professional staff, awesome jump plane, and great people to jump with. I recommend it to anyone whether they are a first time jumper, learning to skydive, or an experienced jumper. People are always willing to help you get liscensed, learn to pack, and become a better and safer skydiver. To top it all off you can hang out after the day is done and keep having fun.