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  1. Agrees. Stand Up Dude! Paul Hardin....RIP.
  2. This post is 100% correct! Paul Hardin....RIP.
  3. SDAZ is having a boogie this weekend. I am interested in participating, but not sure exactly how they work. I am a newer skydiver with 70 jumps. Are they geared towards more experienced skydivers? If you register for the boogie, the DZ gives you a free jump. What exactly are you registering for? Any info. would be appreciated. Paul Hardin....RIP.
  4. That KICKS ASS! What a tribute to all! Special mention, Lieutenant Ronald Kerwin, New York City Firefighter, laid to rest on 12-10-01. God Bless America Blues Paul Hardin....RIP.
  5. WELCOME!!! It only gets better! Enjoy your AFF. As others have said, listen, learn and ask questions. Blues Paul Hardin....RIP.
  6. Great video Jesse! Congratulations on completing your AFF. Now on to your A license. It only gets better! Enjoy! Blue Skies Paul Hardin....RIP.
  7. Welcome Scott! Know exactly how you feel. Go for AFF rather than another tandem. Definitely visit the DZ. You will learn a lot. Paul Hardin....RIP.
  8. Just a little addition. Not on student gear. Signed up for demo program, so I'm trying different containers and canopies. Right now jumping on a Sabre2 190. Paul Hardin....RIP.
  9. Yeah! 23 jumps in 2 years? You would figure with so much time in between, you would be more excited. I did my tandem in May, signed up for school 2 weeks later, got my license 2 weeks ago, and have made 9 jumps since. I'm still a belly flyer. Haven't even started free flying and still love the s%*t out of it! Maybe you should try running with the bulls or swimming with sharks. Paul Hardin....RIP.
  10. Hello, I'm a pretty small guy. 5'8", 120 lbs. I'm starting to jump with others and finding it hard to keep up with larger people. Wondering if a weight belt would help. Talk to people at DZ, and pretty much 50/50. Also had an instructor talk about a weight vest. Is there such a thing? Paul Hardin....RIP.
  11. Thanks for your post. One more question. Is demo gear different from rental gear? Paul Hardin....RIP.
  12. Hello, I recently recieved my A license and now need to look at equipment. My DZ in Arizona offers a demo program with a 6.5K Deposit, no monthly maintenance fee for 6 months or 100 jumps and $540 worth of gear free, jumpsuit, gearbag, , 2x goggles, helmet, helmet bag. I was told by pretty much everyone during my AFF/Coach jumps to buy used when I buy. If I wait to buy used rental for equipment/day is around $75. Is the demo program worth it? What is the average cost of a complete rig used? Any advice would be appreciated. Paul Hardin....RIP.
  13. Hey everyone, New to the sport, just completed my 25 jumps for my A license. I recently stumbled across a website which briefly talked about different skydiving traditions. What are the actual traditions that are followed. 1st jump, 100th jump etc. Also, are the instructors and coaches part of the tradition? Paul Hardin....RIP.