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  1. Heffro1

    Wingsuit lovin'

    According to this chart Jimmy will give birth in 8 weeks. Congrats
  2. Heffro1

    Paying for pictures

    Talk to any pro photographer and tell them you will cover their expenses but not pay them a dime for their work, you will probably get the same answer every time. Unless you get the person that is learning the trade and is looking for opportunity to get some practice. So in other words, posting about not wanting to pay for pictures does only one thing, devalue the work of photographers. I'm sure they don't mind.
  3. Heffro1

    Z-Hills March 1 & 2 - Skills Development

    I will be there and Danny Matox is planning on it too. So thats like a 10 way already
  4. Details coming... Beach jumps (optional golf course landings) Wingsuit, Freefly and RW organizers Super Otter(s) (working on Casa) Wild animals.......mmmm Pig roast dinner (300 lbs consumed last year) Shoot the geek for charity, paint ball booth $100 first prize (best Luau outfit) Authentic Hawaiian Luau show Fireworks (only 1 finger was lost last year) Ice carving Friday night D.J....Saturday night Band
  5. Heffro1

    Fire And Ice Wingsuit Boogie - Sebastian

    Nov. 16-18 at Skydive Sebastian (go to skydiveseb.com for more details)
  6. Heffro1

    Tonysuits flock/demos at Elsinore April 20-23

    Just a slight change I will be at Elsinore the 20th and 21st then at Perris on the 22nd and 23rd and I'm bringing over 30 demo wingsuits, doing free first jump wingsuit coarses and free coaching from beginner to advanced, so I hope to see you there.