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  1. Put this in your V3 and smoke it BASE Book BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  2. Good times! Check it! BASE book BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  3. According to this chart Jimmy will give birth in 8 weeks. Congrats
  4. This one was 180 mph on Mark's pro track and I ascended after. BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  5. 180mph BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  6. Heads Down Wingnut BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  7. Nope, heads down jump with free fliers. 180mph WSFF Been wingsuit free flying lately lots of fun. BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  8. Way to go Tony. With just a handful of jumps on the X-Bird, coming off a tough shoulder surgery and still winning. Did I mention that this was done on a suit that you can reach to the top of your risers under canopy without unzipping. Not too shabby! Oh ya plus Tony is old and fat
  9. For those of you that are planning on participating in the wingsuit flock at Summerfest please call Skydive Chicago manifest and register. 815-433-6820. Specify you will be on the wingsuit record. Thank you BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  10. Just uploaded a movie to The Wingsuit Channel This video was shot during Team Red Bulls lunch breaks. You will love the music :) Clickme BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  11. Perhaps there is a little confusion I know it's been almost a year since we made the drawing of your new suit but I still have it and it is not like the xbird wing. Remember your suit was designed with bent elbows, short grippers, and the wing root stopping at the hip. Also it has the XS tail narrowed by 3 inches. It is a very interesting design but was not the influence of the xbird. That came from the tbird and XS combined. I'll post the sketch later when I get to my computer. BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  12. Clicky BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  13. 1st series Mach 1 BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  14. Jade went to Lauterbrunnen recently and shot some sweet video, enjoy. Swiss Miss BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  15. The video is up on my site enjoy 12 way flock bla bla bla space shuttle launching in background bla bla bla The Wingsuit Channel BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  16. I invented the Pooper exit in honor of Voodewdy, the eye popping flat spin in honor of Marty Feldman and chocolate dipped in peanut butter. Oh ya the internet too. I'll be waiting for my pimp slap now Jason get out the powder. BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  17. If you give a copy of the video without charging extra then you have given 'product' for your slot being covered - understandable if you then want to charge for stills -- if you don't give a copy of the video then I don't see the justification for having your slot covered The issue is slot covered and nothing given in return Lets say you bid on an air conditioning job and materials cost $1,000.00 and labor costs $1,500.00 I say OK do it. Then I pay you $1,000.00 for materials and say your cost is covered now do the job. Are you going to do the job? Does this make any sense to you Jason? Cost covered nothing in return. BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  18. You say that like its a bad thing No you took it that way, normal jobs are not bad ---- working a 'normal' job and having material things is a choice, so is not having a real job (working as a professional skydiver) and bitchin' because you don't have any money. No bitching here, just clarifying things I personally don't feel sorry for the ones that try to make a living skydiving - I work my ass off at a normal job don't drink every night - get up at the crack of dawn and because of this I eat steak and lobster while the pro skydiver eats beenie weenies That is good, I really don't like beenie weeinies though. If you chose the beenie weenies so be it, just stop feeling sorry for the choice you made and how you can't get a head Not feeling sorry for these photographers, I just don't want to see someone devalue their work on a public forum that lots of their potential customers see, that's all Someday the pro skydiver will be done skydiving and then have to figure out what he/she is going to do next. That is deep Then I guess you'll get my money in the form of welfare that my taxes pay for I guess so, a pre-thank you is in order then BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  19. I guess this could be looked at as advertising, but the fact is these guys are not making a tons of money. So giving them some exposure benefits every skydiver that will jump with them. You can only go so long not making a profit in this sport before you have to take a normal job. I have actually worked with all of these wingsuit photographers and did not have the time to research every other photographer out there. If you know one not on the list buy some of their pictures, that way they will be out at the DZ to film you the next time you jump. BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  20. These are some of the best photographers I have had the pleasure to work with over the past few years. Scotty Burns Harry Parker Matt Hoover Norman Kent Craig O'Brien Mark Harris and there are many more Please visit their websites and support them by buying a picture or three. The cameras they use to capture stunning pictures cost a lot of money on top of all the incidental equipment and gear they must regularly buy. The prices they charge are very reasonable by professional photography standards. If you were to hire a professional photographer you would be surprised at how much they charge just to stand on the ground, or maybe a ladder, to take the shots you want. The skydive photography industry is a tough business that not only requires buying cameras and accessories, but also becoming a licenced skydiver, buying and maintaining very expensive gear and gaining the experience to be able to safely shoot great pictures while flying. So please support your local skydive photographer and buy some of their work. BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  21. Talk to any pro photographer and tell them you will cover their expenses but not pay them a dime for their work, you will probably get the same answer every time. Unless you get the person that is learning the trade and is looking for opportunity to get some practice. So in other words, posting about not wanting to pay for pictures does only one thing, devalue the work of photographers. I'm sure they don't mind. BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  22. Last nights sunset shuttle launch cliky BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  23. The airlocks on all of our suits are fully adjustable by the user. High pressure (airlocked) - higher performance, or low pressure (no air lock) - easier at pull time Some of the features that make this suit BASE friendly are Easy no restriction pull Instant access to toggles and risers without unzipping arm wings Wide leg stance for landings done without unzipping legwing and walking around in suit at exit point Quick release legwing zippers located at knees Slightly scalloped legwing to prevent tripping on, dragging or snagging tail wing Tough parapac construction to withstand crash landings (under canopy) Optional adjustable body zips to expand body for thicker clothing or room for stash bag Suit is absolutely effortless to fly, so arm fatigue at pull time is no issue Fast forward speed and a lot of lift for the size of the wings Oliver Furrer just got one, from his impression on a skydive, he thinks it will work well for BASE The suit also works very well for flocking and aerobatics BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  24. The suit is meant to fill in the gap we have between the Aerobat and Raptor. So it does not have the largest wing. Also it is balanced very nicely, armwing to legwing ratio. The suit is intended for lightweight or tall pilots as well as BASE. I like flying it more than any other suit BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/
  25. Oliver Furrer Jumped it all weekend and loved it, so he ordered one :) He thinks it will be great for BASE It will give a Raptor, Blade, or Ghost a run for its money but is effortless to fly Backflying was also very easy with good power Triple barrel rolls, flips, flatspins, Mctwists were the best I have ever done in any suit At pull time there is nothing in the way, no need for a BASE pouch unless you always jump one All in all this is my favorite wingsuit so far If I could only come up with a catchy, dynamic, fast sounding name, hint...hint So far this is the only shot I have but I am sure Scotty has a better pict of it BUY A WINGSUIT My Website Tony Suits [url "http:/