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  1. I am looking for a visor for the cookie GAS. any help would be great. Justin
  2. I have a proper gl rig. I also have about 1000+ gl flights total with 350 this year and 75 more with this canopy this year from this flight. Almos all of the flights are big mountain flights in the French alps. I know the landing extremely well say 400 flight there. Some days I like to fly my skydiving canopy and some I dont they are 2 dif. wings that do 2 dif. flights. As for the photo it is really hard to tell wht is going on as I am also on a gl harness and part it is cut off. If you know what the turbulance is going to do and where it is you can deal with it properly. Staying heads up and knowing that the canopy does these kinds of things is good to know.
  3. What i think is that it is the moment I droped the front riser. But there was a lot of turbulance. this is actualy a gl flight and the final turn is 200m off the roof of a building with a metal roof with a lot of hot air coming off the roof. I have had some flights that are actuelly scary with the hot roof under me. There could be so many reasons but I liked the photo how it shows that the wings we fly are not solid and can do some wierd things.
  4. Just thought I would post this shot of the front of my canopy rolling under. Turbulance is a thing to keep in mind. I did not feel this but the photo just happend to be taken at the right time. justin
  5. This might have already been posted. If so sorry. But a good thing to show low time jumpers that say its just a gopro. Justin
  6. I need to do this but on a canopy not a wingsuit will any of these make the canopy weaker as it is on a seam where I need to remove glue
  7. The flight is accesed from a cable car. I am looking at it from my window now. The launch is not to hard with a north wind. Really great flight one of the best lift accesed flight.
  8. I have removed 2 logos from a speedridingg canopy and have some glue still on the canopy. What is the best way to get the glue off befor new logos go on. The glue spot is not to big one spot 20cm sq the other 20x40 cm both on the top skin. Thanks Justin
  9. Well here you go its been done!? [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCXQ9jB53Hs&feature=recentlik
  10. Thanks for putiing this post out there. I have about 400 speedriding flights. almost all of them at high alt in the french alps not just short hill flights. Speed ride canopies will save your life they actualy recover when stalled. a skydiving canopy will but most likely you will hit the ground before it reopens. This is speeking from experiens. With a skydiving canopy when your nose roles under your done for. I usualy fly in the winter so am still alve due to having snow to land in and skis to slide on. Now that speedriding canopies have been around a bit you can get a used one quite cheap. The right tool for the job.
  11. France you just have to be insured by the paragliding hang gliding fed and a helmet is compulsery. Chamonix rocks for speedriding.
  12. I got myself into a spin like that flying a v1. As scotty said the forces can make it very hard to get the knees in to get into a ball. As well I could not get my arms in to get to my handles (Any of them). I know I dont have many flights but my experiance on it was that fighting the spin to stop it was a much better option then giving up and trying to get to a handle that I could not get to and continue to spin faster and loose alt.
  13. you have no idea about my flying level. Thats why I asked for responses from people who have flown the canopy. This canopy will actualy be up sizing for the flying I usualy do. I am flying a 72 right now and have a few flights on smaller. dont worry about the size. I would like to know about this canopies and how it handls these situations. Davelepka have you ever flown in conditions where the wind was strong enough for you to thermal a stiletto 120 and gain 300m in altitude? Well I have and that was a great day flying. I can handel what I am doing. Yes I might get bit but I weigh the options before flying. Have you ever tried to ski launch a how did you put it "conservative wing loading " it does not work and more to the point can hurt you more then a wing loaded. If you dont know about the vmax then you can not help me on this. Thanks for being the sky patrole though.
  14. WE all love what we love. This video is half Flying a stiletto 120 and half flying a ozone bullet 8m (72)ft http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A29SfHIikw
  15. Just a few questions about the vmax 89. How does it handel high gusty winds? How dose it handle turbulanse? I am looking to fly it in the mountains at high altitude in the french alps. Please just help with the questions. Preferably from people who have flown it and can actualy give some answer to them. Thanks
  16. I have never had a low wing loading flight which I could not get down but last week I was doing some mountain flying with a bullet 8m (86ft) loaded at 1.97 in heavy winds and was able to soar stationary for 5 min and climb 100m above the point where I found the lift. Quite fun to go up but a bit scary knowing that a small wing should not be going back up.
  17. Got some good ones from Chamonix France. Post them if you got them!!
  18. I am looking for a company who can do canopy logos on speedride canopies. Any help would be great
  19. Could anyone help me with a contact for the marketing managers for bonehead and cookie composits. Thanks for the help
  20. When are you coming out? The flying is really good right now in Chamonix. let me know if your going to be out this way or I will try to get out to Italy for a few days to fly. Justin
  21. Thanks for that info. My french insurance covers 3rd party for most sports and coverage around the world. I will look into it more when the snow falls. If your in the area come by chamonix and do some flying.
  22. WHat resorts do you fly at? Have you had any problems with flying there. When did the paragliding world take on speedriding in switzerland. France still is not governed by anyone for speedriding. I go to switzerland about once a week to fly and would not like to get in trouble so where is a no no to fly.