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  1. He was "interested" in buying a Silhouette 190 from me earlier this year, sounded very eager, then started demanding copies of passport, USPA card, etc. etc. as a proof that I won't screw him over once he deposits money in my Paypal account. When I mentioned that this is starting to look like identity theft he disappeared. As soon as this happened I filed a report with but didn't get any response. I have his postal address and copies of his ID card. If you think that can help you let me know. Blues, d.
  2. Maybe this will help: Seems like it is being installed by Trojan so I suggest you do install some legit software to keep your toys safe . Blues, d.
  3. I have been sitting in front of the computer for hours now and I still can't put in words what I feel... Todd, Olya and I will miss you and will always remember you, you made our lives richer and better just by knowing you. Until we meet again brother... d.
  4. Oh there is that much food at least, you just have to be fast and get it Ever seen lions feed on a kill? Same approach applies to DZ feedings So now I can stop losing weight and continue smoking, according to my calculations that way I'll be skydiving well into my 150s.
  5. Best bet is to call your cellphone service provider and ask them for ROM upgrades. If that fails take a look at: and go to the official i-mate site. Read all instructions before attempting anything good luck
  6. Hi gang, for all lower levels that want to level up fast: Go to Rome, search for Thobbit - then kick his ass, he's a high level (forgot which) but weak as a baby, I got 5 levels up from him/her at one time. I think we already have a list of bunnies at the Alt. Thieves on gang forum (can't get to it right now) so hitting those people would help you advance faster, in turn giving you more Energy/Nerve to play with. happy hunting.
  7. Damn it, you guys put too many pretty pictures, I am thinking of going and am looking for airfare right now that's affordable. Anybody else from the continental US thinking of going? blues, d.
  9. Nothing........did not even try to hid anything...well, no way to hide any of that mess! I mean there was dog hair everywhere and the entire place smelled of dog and guniea pig piss! I was shocked actually. Damn and I thought I had bad luck by attracting only heavily disturbed girls that have unresolved issues from previous relationships . After a few fiascos I think I need to come up with a psych test to give them right away. Apparently I can't seem to notice anything strange even when their head start spinning around At least her apartment won't keep calling you or run into you in public
  10. It looks like you need to go to some other place. I went to Tortuga and found that stores have items there. Still not sure what's the deal with gang vault but at least now I have some britches and weapons
  11. Can someone help me with purchasing some items? I am trying to get dressed but every time I go to Lowman's Deals I don't see any images, that area is always empty. Also how can I borrow something from AT vault? Can't seem to do anything other then browse items. Left some coke if someone needs a quick "pick me up" Thanks, d.
  12. Other than all the suggestions already posted, have you checked that you don't have connection sharing on that laptop disabled and that nobody is using you as a gateway? I've seen a few system that had that problem and people never knew about it. d.
  13. wow a lot of SF fans around Cryptonomicon Snow Crash Neuromancer and other cyberpunk William Gibson stuff. HHG2G is a definite must read if you like SF. There are just too many good books to remember them all
  14. Same with Gibraltar, actual anetrance road to the city after customs check point closes completely. I was told it's the shortest commercial runaway in the world. Landing planes look like they are going to hook yachts' masts on landing . No to mention that sudden urge to tuck and roll out of the plane just in case.
  15. Hi and welcome, looks like you are well on your way like most of us to be constantly broke because all the money will go towards gear and jump tickets Have to second everybody who said that first source of information should be your instructors. Hope to skydive with you when I am in "Lijepa Nasa" Blue skies and soft landings, d.